Winning Proliga 2023, Bandung bjb Tandamata Team Receives “Kadeudeuh”

Winning Proliga 2023, Bandung bjb Tandamata Team Receives "Kadeudeuh" – The Bandung bjbTandamata women’s volleyball team won the title in the 2023 Proliga event and they received coaching money or “kadedeuh” funds of IDR 300 million from the West Java Provincial Government.

“Kadedeuh” in the form of cash was handed over directly by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil together with the Mother of Trustees of the Bandung bjb Tandamata Women’s Volleyball Team, Atalia Praratya and her staff to the Bandung bjb Tandamata team, in the Gedung Sate Hall, Bandung City.

“We are very proud and of course congratulate the Bandung women’s volleyball team bjb Tandamata for winning the title in the 2023 Proliga event,” West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said in a written statement, Tuesday as quoted by ANTARA.

Governor Ridwan Kamil hopes that the spirit of this champion can encourage and strengthen that West Java Province is the greatest, proficient and extraordinary province, especially in the field of sports.

“Continuing to achieve achievements, nothing can’t be beaten because we are all heroes of The New Hero to Our Young Generation,” he said.

In addition, the team also received appreciation funds from Bank BJB, prizes were handed over by the Main Director of Bank BJB Yuddy Renaldi, accompanied by the Director of Operations of Bank BJB, Tedi Setiawan and Director of Compliance of bank bjb Cecep Trisna and his staff to the team representatives symbolically.

This year, the Bandung bjb Tandamata team won the back-to-back champion title after winning the Proliga event for two consecutive years since 2022.

In total there were four championship titles that the team won while competing, namely in 2003, 2006, 2022 and 2023.

The final will take place on Saturday, 18 March 2023 at Gor Amongrogo, Yogyakarta.

The Bandung bjb Tandamata team managed to emerge victorious after a fierce competition with the Jakarta Pertamina Fastron team with a final score of 3-2.

Main Director of Bank BJN Yuddy Renaldi said the “kadedeuh” received was a form of appreciation from the government and bank bjb for the achievements and hard work of the entire team.

this also shows the concern of the government and Bank BJB in developing the achievements of West Java athletes, especially in volleyball.

“It is hoped that the kadedeuh funds provided can be an encouragement for the team to continue to maintain this proud achievement in the following years. Bank BJB also always plays an active role in fostering and producing outstanding national athletes,” said Yuddy.

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