What is the Area of ​​Indonesia? Here’s the Explanation

What is the Area of ​​Indonesia? Here's the Explanation

Reportase.one, Jakarta – As an Indonesian citizen, do you know how much area of ​​Indonesia? Maybe some people have learned about it at school, but maybe most still don’t know how wide the area of ​​Indonesia really is.

Reporting from the Worldometer page, Indonesia is ranked as the 15th largest country in the world. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the largest country with the longest coastline.

Then, in more detail, how large is the area of ​​the sea and land area of ​​Indonesia? Check out the following explanation.

Indonesia’s land and sea area

The calculation of the country’s area is usually seen from the land area, then the water area, then the overall area is determined. So that the area of ​​land and sea would be two different things. Because Indonesia is an archipelagic country, the water area is certainly larger than the land area.

In general, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, Indonesia’s land area is 1.9 million square kilometers. The population density is 141 people per square kilometer in 2020.

Quoting the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) website with the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Center of the Indonesian Navy, the area of ​​the Indonesian state is 8.3 million square kilometers. With a water area of ​​6.4 million and a land area of ​​1.9 million square kilometers.

Meanwhile, based on the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Learning Resources page, the area of ​​Indonesia is 5,193,250 square kilometers. The land area is 1,919,440 square kilometers and the sea area is 3,272,820 square kilometers.

Meanwhile, citing the website of the Directorate General of Marine Spatial Management, KKP, the number of islands in Indonesia has reached 17,499 islands and its area is 7.81 million square kilometers. Of this area, it is known that 3.25 million square kilometers is the ocean area and 2.55 million square kilometers is the Exclusive Economic Zone area.

For its land area, according to KKP data, it is around 2.10 million square kilometers. So based on this area, it is known that Indonesia has great fisheries and maritime potential.

This is evidenced by its conservation areas which make up 7.12 percent of the waters in Indonesia–final 2019 data. The formation of conservation areas in Indonesia itself is a way to protect existing fishery resources. Water areas can also be an economic driver with tourism programs.

In the book Geography 2 by Samadi, Indonesia is also known as one of the countries with vast wealth of natural resources. This area is spread over four major islands, namely Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua. Approximately 123 million hectares of which are dry land, and the remaining 39 hectares are wetlands consisting of tidal swamps to lowland swamps.


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