Volleyball News: Imam Sudjarwo Re-Elected as Chairman of PP PBVSI

Volleyball News: Imam Sudjarwo Re-Elected as Chairman of PP PBVSI, Jakarta – Imam Sudjarwo was re-elected by acclamation as chairman of the PBVSI Central Board for the 2023-2027 period at the PBVSI National Conference (Munas) which took place in Yogyakarta, Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

The National Conference which took place for two days (20-21 March 2023) was attended by 33 PBVSI Pemprov from 34 PBVSI member provinces throughout Indonesia. The only provost who was not present was Aceh.

Apart from being elected as general chairman, Imam Sudjarwo was chosen as chairman of the formation team to compose the management of PP PBVSI with two members selected from National Conference participants, namely Dr. Suhadi M. Pd (DIY) and Zulfarshah (DKI).

Imam Sudjarwo will serve his third term of service. “Thank you for re-electing me as general chairman of PBVSI for the 2023-2027 service period. Hopefully I can carry out tasks for the next four,” said Imam in his remarks after being elected, as contained in the PBVSI release.

According to Imam, in leading this PBVSI there is a lot of work that must be completed, especially in advancing volleyball coaching in the country.

After being elected, Imam told journalists that in the near future the organization he leads will face major events such as the SEA Games in Cambodia, next May.

“We will face the SEA Games in Cambodia at this time. Our target is to maintain the overall championship in Cambodia,” said Imam.

According to him, at the Games of the Southeast Asian nations, two years ago in Vietnam, volleyball managed to become the overall champion by winning gold medals for men’s indoor and men’s beach volleyball, as well as a silver medal for women’s beach volleyball and a bronze medal for women’s indoor.

“We hope that in Cambodia later we can win gold in men’s indoor volleyball and beach volleyball,” said Imam.

If the indoor volleyball national team is able to win a gold medal in Cambodia later, it will be sent to the Asian Games in China, this year as well.

“Actually, the indoor volleyball national team has won a gold medal in Vietnam and has been able to go to the Asian Games. But we are asked to prove again that we can win a gold medal in Cambodia,” he said.

In preparing the team for SEA Games XXXII Cambodia, PBVSI will start Pelatnas on March 27 2023 at Padepokan Volleyball Police General Kunarto, Sentul, Bogor, West Java.

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