Used as a Mode of Stealing Money, Experts Reveal Weaknesses of QRIS

Used as a Mode of Stealing Money, Experts Reveal Weaknesses of QRIS

Jakarta, Reportase – Lately there is a man on social media who uses a QR Code to cheat. He attached the QR Code to the mosque’s charity box to trick the congregation.

Regarding this, the expert revealed that there were weaknesses in the financial services from Bank Indonesia.

Alfons Tanujaya, a cyber security observer from Vaccine, explained that QRIS has the advantage of accommodating large amounts of information that is difficult to falsify. Where the format cannot be changed and can only be read by QRIS transferors and not by humans.

“However, precisely because it cannot be read by humans, that is the problem. Because the shapes are both square and different shapes of dots appear,” Alfons explained, to Reportase, quoted on Saturday (15/4/2023).

According to Alfons, QRIS information can be easily changed. So he suggested not to be easily replaced and set a standard of security for the service.

The problem is the name of the beneficiary in QRIS, which can be changed by the owner, so all that remains is to change it and adjust it to the target you want to falsify,” said Alfons.

To avoid fraudulent acts using QRIS, owners, including houses of worship, must monitor their stickers regularly. That way you can identify if there has been a change.

Especially for the newest case, Alfons reminds us to put the QRIS sticker in a safe, protected place. For example, the contact is locked and is in the glass.

“So it will be detected if it is falsified with a sticker superimposed on it,” he said.

“House of worship can display their QRIS in a place that is difficult for counterfeiters to reach, for example on a high wall with a size large enough that it can be scanned but difficult to change,” said Alfons.

Good account information can also be displayed under QRIS. So the sender of donations can check and compare the data.

People who want to donate are also asked to be careful. Verify the account name of the QRIS beneficiary and ask if there is any doubt.

“For donors who want to donate money to QRIS, please also be careful and before making a transfer, they must confirm the name of the recipient’s QRIS account. If it’s suspicious, it’s better to ask the account owner,” he explained.

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