Twitter Removes Old Versions of Government Media Labels and Blue Tick

Twitter Removes Old Versions of Government Media Labels and Blue Tick, JakartaTwitter under the leadership of Elon Musk began removing labels that read “government funded” and “state affiliated”. This caused several news outlet accounts to stop tweeting on the platform such as NPR, PBS, CBC and the BBC, all of which publicly criticized the move.

The label has also been removed from media organizations such as RT Russia and China’s Xinhua News. Twitter appears to have done away with its media labeling rules altogether, having since removed the page that once outlined its criteria for adding labels. This page is still available on the Internet Archive.

Neither NPR nor PBS have said whether they will continue their activities on Twitter after the label is gone. CBC spokesman Leon Mar said the organization was reviewing the latest developments and would terminate the Twitter account before taking further steps.

Elon Musk’s sudden decision to withdraw labels for news organizations on Twitter comes less than a day after the platform began removing the old verified blue checkmark. In its place is a paid blue tick.

That rule apparently doesn’t apply to everyone, as Musk gave Twitter critics LeBron James and Stephen King a Blue tick for free. Elon Musk’s Twitter has also removed propaganda visibility barriers from Russian, Chinese and Iranian government accounts.

Free Twitter Blue Tick RIP

Starting April 20, 2023, Twitter users with an old verified blue tick will start seeing their profiles updated. Everyone who has the old blue tick is affected by this change, even including some of the world’s celebrities.

Changes seem to roll out slowly, and the process seems quite buggy. The user might see a blue tick on the account, then refresh the page and it’s gone, then refresh again and come back.

Nonetheless, it’s clear Twitter has officially begun the process of shutting down the legacy verified program altogether, as promised by Musk time and time again. Instead brands and organizations can apply for Twitter Blue, for an $8 per month fee, to get the blue tick back on their account.

Or, can pay for a gold tick for verification.


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