TVOne Introduces Presenter Avatar and AI-Based Claim Media

TVOne Introduces Presenter Avatar and AI-Based Claim Media, Jakarta – “What appears before you right now is Karni Ilyas in the form avatars.” That was the first sentence that appeared in the news program ‘What’s New Indonesia’ from TVOne on the Instagram and TikTok platforms starting on April 21, 2023.

Karni Ilyas, Editor-in-Chief of TVOne, said that the machine that appeared at that time marked his appearance as the first avatar presenter in Indonesia. Calling it a technological innovation, TVOne also claims to be the first media based on artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) in Indonesia.

Karni also introduced two human digital presenters similar products, namely Sasya and Nadira. Both are described as women over the age of 25 with different characteristics and appearance.

“Hello everyone, along with your busy activities, I will bring you various domestic and foreign news that you might miss in one day,” said Sasya introducing herself. He is described as fair-skinned and has black hair accented with reddish-brown paint.

Meanwhile, Nadira is described as having brown skin and wearing a hijab. So far, only the heads, mouths and eyes of Karni, Sasya and Nadira have moved. Including when Sasya was in charge of broadcasting Eid-themed news, which informed traffic flow on the Trans Java Toll Road.

TVOne CEO, Taufan Eko Nugroho, said that he deliberately launched this new product to coincide with Kartini Day. “Kartini is a very extraordinary female national figure who really cares about science by educating the nation’s life,” she was quoted as saying in the same program.

Taufan did not hide that the avatar characters of the two new presenters weren’t smooth enough between the voices of the original presenters. However, according to him, the appearance is much more advanced than 6 months ago. He targets that in the next 6 months there will be many developments that can be shown.

Taufan assigned a digital presenter to broadcast news on the Instagram and Tiktok platforms because he was targeting the Gen Z market. Meta, the parent of Instagram, said he had also issued research that stated Gen Z liked avatars.

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