TNI AL Research on Solar Eclipse from the Sea, Biota Data for Submarine Operations

TNI AL Research on Solar Eclipse from the Sea, Biota Data for Submarine Operations, Jakarta – Not only astronomers, various parties will take advantage of the hybrid solar eclipse that will pass through Indonesia April 20 2023 to conduct research, including the Indonesian Navy.

The Indonesian Navy’s Hydro-Oceanographic Center (Pushidrosal) will observe the solar eclipse from the sea. The research is expected to bring new data on phenomena in the middle of the sea during a solar eclipse.

“We are interested to see if there is a change in the sounds made by marine biota and mammals during this hybrid solar eclipse,” said Head of the 2023 Flores 2023 Citra 3 Jala Expedition Committee, Marine Colonel Priyo Dwi Saputro at the Jakarta Theater, TIM, Jakarta, April 6 2023.

Priyo said Pushidrosal was interested to see how the impact on the ionosphere affected HF communication, considering that at sea it is quite dependent on this frequency. “Later there will be a tool, hydrophone, dipped into the sea to detect sounds like whales. We collect those voices for our database for submarine tactical operations,” he said.

He gave an illustration, for example the peak hour of the eclipse is at 12 noon, so the tool has been lowered since 10 o’clock. Then the researchers will see the graph detection. “Maybe the noise of sharks, whales communicating, chirping like that. Then, at their peak, they will be deceived by the thought of the night. This research is very valuable, “explained Priyo.

Priyo said not to drop divers. Regarding the underwater camera, it is also still undetermined. “Optional yes. This is the first time, later will be conceptualized. If you look at National Geographic, there is nothing like this,” he said.

Priyo collaborated with Premana Permadi from the Bosscha Observatory for this research. He recounted Premana’s response by stating that there had been no observation of a solar eclipse at sea and this might be the first time in Indonesia, even in the world. Apart from that, there is no live report or live streaming from the sea yet.

On April 6, 2023, the Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory held a press conference and talk show about the Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Indonesia. Premana became one of the speakers at the event. Priyo and his team were also present at the event to discuss further collaboration.

Priyo admitted that not all of the research results were published. Scientific results, such as noise disappearing at the peak of the eclipse will be published. However, related to the frequency of whales in that location, it belongs to the Indonesian Navy as material for submarines. “Submarine is like a blind man who only knows what he hears. If I walk, I have to memorize this sound. It becomes a database,” he explained.

The Indonesian Navy will bring 34 researchers divided into 7-8 people. There will be more researchers from the astronomy side, with the election of Nurdiansah from the Jakarta Amateur Astronomy Association, an astronomy club under the auspices of the Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory.

Nurdin joined the stage starting from Bau-Bau which departed on April 13 2023. Nurdin has served in various parts of Indonesia to observe eclipses and educate local residents.

Expedition overview

Commander of the Indonesian Navy’s Hydro-Oceanographic Center (Danpushidrosal) Vice Admiral TNI Nurhidayat dispatched the Jala Citra Expedition 3-2023 “Flores” to take place at the Military Sea Crossing Command Pier (Kolinlamil), Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

The expedition themed “Reveal the features of the Ocean floor and the characteristics of the Flores sea water column for shipping safety, defense and sustainable maritime development”, with the implementation of approximately 60 days using KRI Spica-934 under the Command of KRI Spica-934 Commander Lt. Col. (P) Deirus Rizki Khair as the Task Force Commander (Dansatgas).

Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral TNI Muhammad Ali in his address read by Danpushidrosal said, referring to the more general geostrategic theory that sea power has an important strategic advantage in controlling global trade and transportation, this will be stronger if it is supported by mastery of technology. , maritime resources and culture.

Kasal further said, as the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia has great potential in the utilization and management of marine resources. The Indonesian nation must pay attention to long-term interests in maintaining the success and balance of marine ecosystems, and ensure that national security and interests are always maintained. To realize this, synergy between the government through ministries/agencies, the Indonesian Navy, the community, research and academic institutions and the maritime industry is needed.

“The Jala Citra 3 “Flores” 2023 expedition which is a continuation of the Jala Citra 2 “Banda” expedition in 2022 is clear evidence of synergy in a research collaboration between the Indonesian Navy and researchers from ministries and institutions, academics from universities and related institutions,” Kasal said.

The choice of the location for the 2023 “Flores” Citra 3 Jala Expedition has considered various aspects, including the fields of Hydrography, Geology, Geophysics, Geosocial, Meteorology and Oceanography as well as aspects of defense and security.

The 3 “Flores” imagery net expedition in 2023 is divided into five stages, namely stages 1 and 3 focusing on oceanographic research, stages 2 and 4 focusing on hydrography, meteorology, geology and geophysics as well as defense and security, then stage 5 on Satonda Island will focus on geosocial aspects. The results of the research carried out by the expedition researchers are expected to make a real contribution to society in order to support the wider interests of the nation and state.

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