TikTok Accused of Chinese Henchmen, Turns Out to Be American Owner

TikTok Accused of Chinese Henchmen, Turns Out to Be American Owner

Jakarta, Reportase – TikTok is under threat from the United States. It is reported that the US is demanding that the Chinese owners of TikTok relinquish their stake in the popular video app. Otherwise, the US threatens to completely ban the TikTok app from being used in the country.

US officials and legislators are still in the opinion that they are concerned that the data of TikTok users in the US could be passed on to the Chinese government.

The Wall StreetJournal first time reporting the move. ByteDance confirmed that it is 60% owned by global investors, 20% by employees, and 20% by the founder.

ByteDance, which is TikTok’s parent company, has raised a total of US$9.5 billion in funding over 13 rounds. Their most recent funding was raised on 15 March 2023 from a Secondary Market round.

The company is funded by 30 investors. G42 and Sequoia Capital are the most recent investors.

Citing page CrunchBase, the leading investor in ByteDance, are mostly US companies. Including Sequoia, Tiger Global, Morgan Stanley, Morgan Sachs. Here’s more.


Sequoia Capital is a VC firm that invests in startups in the energy, finance, enterprise, healthcare, internet and mobile industries. This venture capital is located in Menlo Park, California, United States of America. Sequoia has made a total of 1782 investments.

2. TigerGlobal

Tiger Global Management is an investment company that invests globally in both public and private markets. The location is in New York, United States of America. The company has made 1144 investments.

3. Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a financial services company that offers securities, asset management and credit services. They are headquartered in New York, United States.
The company has made 232 investments.

4. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a multinational financial services company providing securities, investment banking and management services. He is based in New York, United States.

Goldman Sachs has made a total of 961 investments.

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