This is the list of IPMI Business Competition winners for high school students

This is the list of IPMI Business Competition winners for high school students – IPMI International Business School announced the winners of the IPMI Business Competition 2023, a canvas model business competition for high school students, which was held at the IPMI Campus, Kalibata, South Jakarta, last weekend.

SMAS Santa Maria Surabaya won first prize, Putera Harapan Purwekerto 3 Languages ​​High School won second place, and Regina Pacis Bogor High School won third place. As for SMAIT As-Syifa Boarding School Subang won fourth place.

Meanwhile, SMA Wardaya Jakarta and MAU Amanatul Ummah Mojokerto won the Best Pitch Deck and Best Presenter categories.

This year, the theme raised in the IPMI Business Competition is quality of education, renewable energy, and climate change. This competition also aims to encourage the younger generation to play an active role in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Chief Executive of the IPMI Business Competition Muhammad Fikri Yudha Pratama said this competition encourages the younger generation to care and play an active role in maintaining sustainable community economic welfare, sustainability of community social life, environmental quality and inclusive development, and the implementation of governance that is able to maintain an increase quality of life from one generation to the next.

“Through a national competition for high school students, IPMI embraces the younger generation to contribute in introducing the public to the essence and goals of SDGs,” he said in writing Thursday (13/4/2023).

Fikri further added, young people must continue to be trained to care about issues in their surroundings. Competition is a tool to hone creativity and mentality so that Indonesian youth can have a global mindset, be competitive, and have the ability to become world-class leaders.

“This competition was created to build the competence of high school students from the aspect of critical thinking, understanding of SDGs, the ability to express opinions, both verbally and in writing. Most importantly, it can build empathy for young people. Because the true goal of an entrepreneur is not just to make a profit , but can also build a sustainable business and have an impact on the surrounding community,” concluded Fikri.

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