There’s a Hybrid Solar Eclipse This Week, Here’s the Location-Schedule!

There's a Hybrid Solar Eclipse This Week, Here's the Location-Schedule!

Jakarta, Reportase – Thursday (20/3/2023), Indonesia will be able to witness a Hybrid Solar Eclipse. This phenomenon will have three kinds of lunar shadows, namely antumbra (annular solar eclipse), penumbra (partial solar eclipse), and umbra (total solar eclipse).

2023 Solar Eclipse Location & Schedule

Here are the locations and times of the total solar eclipse:


Kisar Island: 13.23.09 WIT (1 minute 10 seconds)
Maopora Island: 13.25.05 WIT (0 minutes 59 seconds)
Damar Island: 13.28.25 WIT (1 minute 24 seconds)
Watubela Island: 13.40.49 WIT (1 minute 5 seconds)

West Papua

Antalisa Islands: 13.45.14 WIT (1 minute 11 seconds)
Randepandai: 13.50.32 WIT (1 minute 1 second)
Roswar: 13.51.45 WIT (0 minutes 57 seconds)
Num Island: 13.54.45 WIT (1 minute 5 seconds)


Wooi: 13.55.08 WIT (1 minute 11 seconds)
Serui: 13.55.08 WIT (1 minute 11 seconds)
Biak City: 13.57.18 WIT (1 minute 5 seconds)

Partial solar eclipse

Almost all major cities in Indonesia can witness the Partial Solar Eclipse on the same date, but at different times. For example, Jakarta, the eclipse lasted 2 hours 37 minutes at 09:29:33 WIB. The eclipse peaks at 10:45:25WIB and ends at 12:06:39 WIB.

“Yogyakarta will be the provincial capital that will experience a partial solar eclipse at the earliest,” said Andi Pangerang from the BRIN Space Research Center, quoted from the BRIN Edusainsa page, Monday (17/4/2023).

In Yogyakarta, the eclipse will last for 2 hours 50 minutes. Starting from 09.26.41 WIB until 12.16.17 WIB. The peak of this partial solar eclipse will occur at 10.48.46 WIB.

Andi added that Medan was the first area to end the Partial Solar Eclipse. While the most recent occurred in Jayapura.

“Meanwhile, Jayapura will be the provincial capital that will be the last to start and at the same time end the Partial Solar Eclipse,” Andi wrote. Here the eclipse starts at 12.29.42 WIT and peaks at 14.04.57 WIT, with a duration of 3 hours 1 minute and the solar eclipse ends at 15:30:54 WIT.

But there are also areas that cannot enjoy a Partial Solar Eclipse. Starting from Sabang City, Banda Aceh City, Kab. Aceh Jaya, Kab. Aceh Besar and Kab. Pidie.

How to Enjoy a Solar Eclipse in RI

Indonesian people can watch the solar eclipse by using tools. Such as telescopes coated with a minimum ND4 solar filter and eclipse glasses with ND5 coating.

Apart from that, you can also make a pinhole camera or pinhole camera with used cardboard that has been punched and covered with aluminum foil and slightly perforated.

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