The wife of the defendant Karomani refused to testify for her husband

The wife of the defendant Karomani refused to testify for her husband

Bandarlampung (Reportase One) – The wife of the accused in the New Student Admissions (PMB) bribery case at the University of Lampung (Unila) Karomani, namely Enung Juhartini, refused to testify for her husband before the Panel of Judges at the Tanjungkarang District Court (PN), in Bandarlampung, Tuesday.

“Are you willing to testify at trial for the accused Karomani?,” said the Head of the Panel of Judges at the Tanjungkarang District Court Lingga Setiawan when asked Enung Juhartini during the trial.

Lingga Setiawan said that according to Article 168 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the blood relatives or relatives of the defendant have the right to withdraw from the obligation to provide testimony as witnesses.

“However, those concerned still have to testify against the other two defendants, namely Heryandi and M Basri,” said Lingga.

Enung Juhartini stated in the trial that she refused to testify for Karomani because she had submitted a letter of resignation as a witness.

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“According to the letter I submitted, I refuse to testify to be a witness for my husband,” she said.

Responding to Karomani’s wife’s answer, the panel of judges led by Lingga Setiawan and other judges Efiyanto, Ahmad Rifai, Edi Purbunus and Aria Veronica granted Enung Juhartini’s request not to testify against the defendant Karomani.

At the follow-up hearing of the 2022 Unila PMB bribery case for three defendants, namely Karomani, Heryandi, and M Basri at the Tanjungkarang District Court,

The Public Prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) presented eight witnesses, namely Mahfud Santoso (former Chairman of the Central Lampung District Education Council), M Anton Wibowo (Head of Service and Health Services of the Central Lampung District Health Office).

Furthermore, Hepi Hasasi (a member of the Lampung Regional Police), Aryanto Munawar (Secretary of PWNU Lampung), Enung Juhartini (wife of the accused Karomani), Adi Triwibowo (TU staff and adjutant of the accused Karomani), Budi Sutomo, and Mualimin.

Karomani, the former Chancellor of Unila along with two other defendants, namely former Deputy Chancellor I for Academic Affairs Unila Heryandi and former Head of the Unila Senate Muhammad Basri were also accused in the case of alleged acceptance of Unila PMB bribes in 2022.

In this case, the KPK has named four suspects consisting of three people as bribe recipients, namely Karomani, Heryandi and Muhammad Basri.

Meanwhile, the suspect in giving bribes is a private party, namely Andi Desfiandi has been sentenced by a panel of judges.

Reporter: Dian Hadiyatna
Editor: Herry Soebanto


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