The Wamenaker, Workers’ Union, and the Ojol Drivers Association spoke up about THR for Ojol

The Wamenaker, Workers' Union, and the Ojol Drivers Association spoke up about THR for Ojol, JakartaProviding holiday allowances (THR) for motorcycle taxi drivers on line (ojol) is still a hot debate in Indonesia. According to the government, ojols who work as partners do not get the right to THR because their status as a partnership is not regulated by law.

Most recently, the Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) uploaded a statement regarding partnership relations and THR on the Twitter social media page. The upload went viral because it was related to a rule that prevented Ojol drivers from getting THR for Eid.

However, the upload has since been deleted. But traces of the upload can still be found because it was quoted by several netizens.

“Partnership relationships are not entitled to religious THR because religious THR is only given to those who have a working relationship with employers based on PKWT and PKWTT,” wrote the Ministry of Manpower in the post, Monday 3 April 2023.

On the other hand, ojol drivers stated that they are also entitled to THR like other formal workers. They show that as partners, they have contributed to generating revenue for ojol platform provider companies.


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