The story of Nunuk Riza, an ICT teacher who teaches gardening

The story of Nunuk Riza, an ICT teacher who teaches gardening, JakartaNunuk Riza Puji, a teacher at SMA 1 Petungkriono, Pekalongan, recalled her experience teaching Information and Communication Technology (ICT) without a computer lab at her school. The school, which is located at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level, takes two hours for Nunuk to get to school.

In 2016, when she first became a teacher there, Nunuk had to rack her brains so that children could continue learning even with minimal facilities. With a laptop that he has, Nunuk diverted learning from using only a laptop computer. Of the two hours duration of ICT lessons, Nunuk uses one hour outside the classroom. He used the school garden to study.

The students were invited to study on uncultivated uncultivated land, while clearing the land of weeds. There, Nunuk provoked students’ ideas by asking what they would plant on the land.

“From the question earlier, I just saw that my student is not a lazy student. My students are active students as long as they are in accordance with their fields,” he said when met Tempo last March.

Nunuk again raised the question of how to grow strawberries. Students are given the opportunity to find answers within 30 minutes. There are students who go to the library to find information, there are those who find out information on the internet using the school’s WiFi, and there are those who ask the biology teacher.

In fact, he said, there was one student who took the initiative to ask the school guard. However, only two students managed to find the right way to grow strawberries, namely students who searched for answers on the internet and students who asked the school caretaker

“It turns out that school caretakers can be a source of learning in ICT subjects. Never have I felt the teacher so much. So far, the teacher’s ICT lessons, yes, me,” said Nunuk.

After getting the answers, students were asked to type the results of the information on the laptop in groups. From there they learn to use computers. The creative teaching idea was carried out after attending the Archipelago Educators Gathering which was held by the Learning Teacher Foundation. At that time, he was inspired by other educators who applied learning methods outside the classroom.

“I took advantage of that power. My kids are used to being on the pitch. Second, I have limitations, there is no computer lab,” he said.

Nunuk’s story with her creative ideas for teaching appeared in various media in 2017. After receiving the spotlight, SMAN 1 Petungkriyono finally had a computer lab in 2019.

“I want my children not only to understand how to use a computer, but also how to take advantage of computer technology outside and in the current curriculum, informatics really encourages them to get there,” he continued.

In the Merdeka Curriculum, the ICT subject is called Informatics. According to Nunuk, Informatics material in this latest curriculum can be taught without the need for a computer. An example is matter computational thinking about how to think like a computer.

This subject is also not required to be taught by teachers with a computer engineering background, because the material is more towards digital literacy in general. “If I interpret it in the current curriculum, Informatics is only a bridge to train children to communicate, think critically, collaborate and be creative,” he said.

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