The real reason Apple’s CEO asked for a crazy salary cut

The real reason Apple's CEO asked for a crazy salary cut

Jakarta, Reportase – In January, Apple announced that its CEO, Tim Cook, had asked for a more than 40% cut in his salary to US$49 million or equivalent to Rp.730 billion.

The decision garnered a lot of praise from netizens. The reason is, in the midst of uncertain economic conditions, many technology giants choose to sacrifice employees by laying off employees, in order to maintain business stability.

Cook has repeatedly said that Apple is reluctant to make layoffs. His initial step was to offer himself a pay cut.

Although, this week it was reported that Apple was forced to lay off a handful of employees in the retail department. However, it seems that this strategy was carried out later when there were no other options.

In an interview with GQ, Cook revealed the real reason he asked for a pay cut. Not only for efficiency, but there is another bigger purpose.

“There are several reasons for me. One of them is that I want to be a leader who can set an example for the environment,” he said.

“Other than that, I think the decision is the best move for the current situation,” he added.

Furthermore, he said that until now Apple is still opening recruitment, it’s just that the process is more stringent and only for a few crucial divisions.

Apart from that, Apple is also said to be still investing in new technology. However, again the company is very careful in making decisions to spend money.

“Currently our focus is the long term,” he said.

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