The Mamuju Police confiscated dozens of motorbikes for illegal racers on protocol roads

The Mamuju Police confiscated dozens of motorbikes for illegal racers on protocol roads

Mamuju (Reportase One) – The Mamuju Police in West Sulawesi Province confiscated dozens of motorbikes from an illegal race carried out by a group of teenagers on a number of main roads in the area.

Mamuju Police Chief Comr. Iskandar Police said Monday that his party had confiscated 27 motorcycles, 19 of which were used in illegal racing.

Meanwhile, the other eight units, continued the Kapolresta, said that the motorbikes found in the vicinity of the illegal racing site were not equipped with STNK, TNKB and other traffic violations.

“On average, the perpetrators of illegal racing are children who are still underage,” said Iskandar.

According to Iskandar, the motorbikes used by the illegal racers were not returned directly to their owners but would be confiscated until the end of Eid al-Fitr.

“The parents of the perpetrators will be asked to make a statement not to repeat their actions and must show vehicle documents, such as vehicle registration and driver’s license and reinstall the original components of the vehicle, namely mirrors, number plates and standard exhaust,” explained Iskandar.

According to the Kapolresta, this is to provide a deterrent effect for perpetrators of illegal racing and parents can support the National Police in handling illegal racing by providing strict supervision of their children so that they are no longer involved in any activities that could disrupt security and public order.

“We urge the public, especially parents who have teenage children not to give motorbikes to their children and always remind their children to obey traffic rules when driving a vehicle,” said Iskandar.

Meanwhile, Husain, a resident of Mamuju City, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Mamuju Police for securing the perpetrators of the illegal racing.

“Thank God, we are no longer disturbed by noise while worshiping at the mosque. So, we express our thanks and express our appreciation to the police for taking action against the perpetrators of illegal racing,” said Husain.

Reporter: Amirullah
Editor: Agus Setiawan


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