The Hurricane of Layoffs Continues, This Is the Cause of Tech Winter Not Finishing

The Hurricane of Layoffs Continues, This Is the Cause of Tech Winter Not Finishing

Jakarta, Reportase – Employee salary startups the famous high turned out to have contributed to the phenomenon tech winter. This is especially the case for startups early stage (early stage) still relying on funding.

“There is also a connection, because if we talk about companies that are still early stageswhich still figuratively has to depend on injections of funding,” said Susli Lie, Partner at Monk’s Hill Ventures, met in Jakarta, Thursday evening (13/4/2023).

“The reduced funds will have an effect like that, right? downstream,” he added.

Techwinter It’s been happening since last year. The impact was that a number of companies carried out massive layoffs, some even did it more than once.

However, it is not yet known whether this phenomenon will end. Susli also admitted that he did not know when tech winter officially ended.

He thinks its the end tech winter look at several factors. It could also end later in the year or maybe early 2024.

“It’s our nature, we also still see it that way, what I said earlier is the element of many other factors. So, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the end of this year. it is early,” said Sulli.

For current funding, Susli explained that he was still optimistic. Especially for funding injections startups series C to series A. Para venture capital there are also many who can increase funding.

But the problem is the availability of funding for startups for the next stage. “My question is actually for VC friends at a later stage, who will come in to fill the shortage of funds,” explained Susli.

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