The East Java Kemenkumham cooperates with Komnas HAM to ensure the WBP’s right to vote

The East Java Kemenkumham cooperates with Komnas HAM to ensure the WBP's right to vote

Surabaya (Reportase One) –

The East Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kanwilkumham) is collaborating with the Indonesian National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) to ascertain the issue of voting rights in the 2024 simultaneous general elections for prisoners inmates (WBP) in 39 prisons or detention centers throughout East Java .

The head of the East Java Regional Office for Law and Human Rights, Imam Jauhari, said Friday in Surabaya that East Java is one of the areas with the biggest celebrations this year.

“Out of around 27,500 assisted residents, around 23,000 of them are potential voters. This figure is of course very large. So is the potential for conflict that might occur,” he said.

He said it was not surprising that law enforcement officers, in this case the police, TNI and the East Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, would all out securing the title of the upcoming 2024 elections.

“We have made preparations from the start, so we are even more prepared to prepare the administrative data needed so that the inmates do not lose their right to vote,” he said.

He explained that the fulfillment of the administrative data included issuing e-KTPs for inmates who did not yet have electronic identity cards. Fulfillment of identity is the basic thing needed so that WBP can be included in the final voter list (DPT).

“We have been recording e-KTP since the beginning of the year and now it has been completed,” said Imam.

His party has also submitted a list of potential voters to the KPU because there are several prisons that have potential voters of more than 1,000 people.

“There are 6 correctional work units with potential voters of more than 1,000 people. Most of them are in Malang Prison with potential voters reaching 2,667 people,” said Imam.

He said Komnas HAM’s involvement was to maintain transparency and accountability in fulfilling the right to vote for inmates.

“Komnas HAM will confirm directly on the ground, we hope that there are recommendations needed for improvement so that we are even more prepared to face the 2024 elections,” explained Imam.

One of the work units visited by the Komnas HAM delegation was the Sidoarjo Prison because it has a large number of inmates.

“We continue to coordinate with Dispendukcapil and the results are significant, approximately 75 percent of the inmates here already have a NIK, and we are continuing to improve it. progressit, to this day it is still ongoing,” said Sidoarjo Chief of Staff Faozul Ansori.

Faozul emphasized that his party was ready to hold a democratic party in 2024.

“In the implementation of elections and local elections next year, we are ready to succeed by creating a safe and conducive situation for the fulfillment of the constitutional rights of inmates who are in Sidoarjo prison, we will try our best to fulfill the rights of inmates to participate in next year’s democratic party. he said.

Komnas HAM Commissioner for Assessment and Research Saurlin P Siagian emphasized that the voting rights of every inmate are very important. For that, he was grateful to be able to get support from the Regional Office of the East Java Kemenkumham including providing data.

“This data is important to support our performance,” he said.

East Java, continued Saurlin, shows good potential because it can reduce the potential for voice loss from assisted residents. Currently, the progress has reached 84 percent of the assisted citizens who are included in the potential voters.

“Of course this is a positive thing, considering that there is still time to fight for around 16 percent of the votes from the assisted residents,” said Saurlin.

Reporter: Indra Setiawan
Editor: Agus Setiawan


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