The Central Java Regional Police has prepared directions for voters on the arterial route

The Central Java Regional Police has prepared directions for voters on the arterial route

Jakarta (Reportase One) – The Central Java Regional Police have prepared directions and deployed personnel for pemilir (returning travelers) who wish to use the arterial route to Jakarta.

“On the arterial routes we have prepared directions regarding directions and escorts, therefore our people who return home if they experience things that are inappropriate directions please contact our officers, they will be guided later,” said Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Pol Ahmad Luthfi in Semarang, Monday.

Luthfi said there were four routes for homecoming and backflow via arterial routes in the Central Java region, namely the Pantura Route, the Central Route, the South Route and the South-South Route.

Central Java Regional Police personnel who are on guard throughout the route are also ready to provide assistance to voters whose vehicles experience problems in the Central Java region.

“If there is a vehicle trouble We are also ready to serve the community,” he said.

Luthfi also appealed to the public not to rush towards Jakarta in the hope of avoiding traffic congestion.

“We also don’t need to be in a hurry, as the President’s policy has a very long duration,” he said.

Because the whole stakeholders Related parties have prepared various things to ensure the comfort of travelers and travelers, starting from implementing the system one way on the toll road, to provide discounted toll rates for voters who postpone their departure towards Jakarta.

PT Jasa Marga provides a discount of 20 percent for vehicles traveling from Semarang to Jakarta during the Eid return period from 27 to 29 April 2023.

Discounts only apply to continuous trips that start at the Kalikangkung Semarang Toll Gate (GT) and end at Cikampek Utama GT.

The discount will take effect from April 27 at 06.00 WIB to April 29 at 06.00 WIB.

With this discount amount, class I vehicles from Rp. 372,000 to Rp. 297,600, class II and III vehicles from Rp. 575,000 to Rp. 499,200.

Providing this discounted rate is one of the efforts to maximize traffic distribution during reverse flow.

The peak of the reverse flow itself is expected to occur in two waves, namely April 24 to 25 and April 30 to May 1.

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Reporter: Fianda Sjofjan Rassat
Editor: Tasrief Tarmizi


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