Tech Winter Strikes.. It’s Difficult to Get a Job for New Graduates?

Tech Winter Strikes.. It's Difficult to Get a Job for New Graduates?

Jakarta, Reportase – The recent tech winter has forced many startups and technology companies to layoffs. So does this phenomenon have an impact on employee recruitment, especially new graduates?

Seeing this, Xendit Co-Founder and COO Tessa Wijaya said that with the tech winter, the company would be even more stringent in recruiting. Because the company will be even more careful in spending its funds.

“There will definitely be impacts anyway for first time job seeker or any job seeker,” said Tessa when talking to the media at the Xendit office, Jakarta, Friday (17/3/2023).

So, he continued, what job seekers have to think about is additional value in themselves such as special skills that are still rare in the market. According to him, if you have other expertise from the intended field, there will definitely be requests coming from the industry.

But he doesn’t deny that with the recession, the global economy is in decline, it will definitely be more difficult for people to find work. Not to mention the offers given by the company are not as many as they used to be.

On the same occasion, East Ventures Partner Melisa Irine, said that now is indeed a difficult moment because everything is happening so fast. A few years ago the optimism was too great that many companies were hiring for multiple roles.

Meanwhile, companies are thinking whether they need to find a role for their organization. Even if they are looking for them to be more selective by choosing candidates who choose added value.

For this reason, having skills that are relevant to the job needed will be an added value for the candidate. “From the company side, it should be moreelective. Fresh graduates which is now more thought about the added value earlier,” he explained.

“Besides being able to do a, you can also do b. So there are 2 things you can do, for example for the marketing department but also understand finances, so you can standout more than any other candidate,” he said.

However, even though they have to make efficiency in finding new roles, the company will still continue to recruit, and there are still many opening opportunities. “So friends who have just graduated still have many opportunities, it’s just that the demands are higher.” he concluded.

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