Studying Solar Energy Potential in Papua, Unpad Student Team Wins Diamond Award

Studying Solar Energy Potential in Papua, Unpad Student Team Wins Diamond Award, Jakarta – A team of Geophysics students from Padjadjaran University or Unpad won first place in the International Competition of Five Minutes Thesis (Icofimit) 2023. The team also won the highest Diamond Award in the category of Degree Science, Technology, and Engineering & Mathematics. In this competition, the team examined the potential for solar power plants in Papua.

The student group consists of Tubagus Nur Rahmat Putra, Dhiyya Muhammad Madiya, Farah Duta Umari Shadra and Nada Farhani Rustiawan. According to Tubagus, the reason for the study in Papua was because there were three newly formed provinces namely South Papua, Central Papua and Mountain Papua. “This new autonomous region will experience improvements in various sectors and requires energy,” said Tubagus, Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

From the preliminary study, the team sees that there is potential for the development of solar energy technology, including from remote sensing data and geographic information systems. The assessment takes into account three criteria, namely economy, climate and environment. After being analyzed simultaneously in the three new provinces, it was found that there were specific areas for solar power plants. “The total area is around two percent of the area of ​​the three provinces,” said Tubagus.

The team’s supervisor, Irwan Ary Dharmawan, said students used geographic information systems and remote sensing. Then they look for several points of potential solar power plant locations according to the standards, such as the level of intensity of sunlight and others. According to Irwan, the initial research needs further research in the field to find out the actual conditions and potential.

Icomifit is an international competition for students from various fields of science to explain research effectively to the general public. This event was organized by MNNF Network Malaysia which was attended by 23 teams of representatives from 5 universities from Indonesia and 8 universities abroad.

Technically, the participants are required to send their research papers to be selected by judges who come from across countries. For papers that pass the first stage, they are required to present their research topic within five minutes. Title of their presentation Implementation of a Geographic Information System on Solar Energy Potential Mapping for Future Alternative Energy.

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