SOEs Asked to Utilize Social Media to Improve Reputation

SOEs Asked to Utilize Social Media to Improve Reputation

Jakarta, Reportase – The development of the digital world makes companies need to see social media as a tool for two-way communication and as a shortcut in conveying information. For this reason, the BUMN Public Relations Forum initiated the BUMN Communications Week 2023 event so that BUMN company communication practitioners quickly adapt to digital platforms that are currently developing and are open in responding to the public, in order to maintain the company’s reputation.

This was emphasized by Special Staff III to the Minister of SOEs, Arya Sinulingga, in a talkshow titled “Communication Transformation to Improve Reputation”.

Arya said transparency of information is something that must be done, in which all policies and matters that become public questions must be answered thoroughly, so that information is not wild and does not have a negative impact on SOEs.

“I replied one by one the direct messages that came in on social media, I answered their questions, I explained. In the end, many haters turned around. Because it is dangerous, if these questions are not answered. Later, the perceptions will get wilder and accumulate,” explained Arya in a press release, Saturday (6/5/2023).

Arya believes that the proper use of social media will support efforts to maintain the company’s reputation, especially in improving the image and public perception of state-owned companies. This step has also been implemented in a number of state-owned companies.

“BUMN currently has social media rangers spread throughout Indonesia. Apart from that, many BUMN employees are also influencers, some even have 50,000 followers. Our employees are getting top, and our influencers are increasing,” added Arya.

This step was supported by the Director of Communications for Indonesia Indicator, Rustika Herlambang, who was present as a guest speaker at the talk show. However, he warned, it is important not to get caught up in negative responses on social media and sort out which ones need to be responded to so they don’t roll into a wild ball.

“Responses on social media need to be seen, whether it is noise or voice. It is also important to pay attention to the diction we use to respond, not to cause harm,” he said.

Rustika also appreciated SOEs which he considered to be one of the best agencies in Indonesia in implementing communication strategies, especially on social media.

At the opening of the BUMN Communication Week 2023, the Head of the BUMN Public Relations Forum as well as the Corporate Secretary of BRI stated that the digital era gave rise to new challenges and values ​​in every aspect, including in the field of public relations. Public Relations must be able to maintain two crucial things, namely in maintaining perception and brand positioning.

“Therefore, the Communications Week 2023 event is being held with the theme “Communications in a Digital World” so that SOE public relations have a common vision, without abandoning the AKHLAK values ​​to strengthen the public communication map. The main objective is to increase public trust in BUMN companies so that their reputation to SOEs will continue to get better,” said Aestika.

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