Ruled by Japan, China Manut Closes This Service

Ruled by Japan, China Manut Closes This Service

Jakarta, Reportase – China shuts down comic platform ‘B9DM’ operating in the country. This is because the service accommodates piracy of Japanese manga content and harms creators or is called ‘mangaka’.

B9DM blocking following a complaint from Japan’s anti-piracy agency, CODA. The agency received reports from 6 large Japanese companies that felt disadvantaged.

Chinese authorities complied and immediately acted. According to reports TorrentFreakChinese police arrested 4 perpetrators and searched a house worth US $ 580,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 8.6 billion.

Quoted Friday (31/3/2023), the B9DM site was originally called B9Good and has been operating since 2008. According to SimilarWeb data, the site collects 15 million visits every month.

CODA says in the past 2 years, the site has been accessed more than 300 million times. As much as 95% of the visitors come from Japan.

Previous reports suspected that B9DM had originated in Canada. However, upon further investigation, the center of operations is in China.

From its domain track record, B9DM is located in multiple regions. Some of them are Hong Kong, China, the US, Bulgaria, and Japan.

Just like other piracy sites, B9DM also moves quickly every time the site is identified and blocked. The site immediately moved the domain.

However, now it looks like it will be difficult for B9DM to continue operations. Because the ‘retainer’ piracy sites that have been secured.

In 2021, CODE launched a special project focused on catching the perpetrators behind piracy sites. This is because blocking alone is not enough to stop piracy.

CODA filed a complaint with China on February 14. The complaint is supported by several large companies such as Aniplex, TV Tokyo, Toei Animation, Toho, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), etc.

Chinese local authorities finally rushed to investigate until they finally caught the perpetrators and completely blocked their operations.

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