Helps Business Actors to Export Abroad Easily Helps Business Actors to Export Abroad Easily – Opportunities to send packages abroad to increase business income are increasingly wide open for business people in all fields. To expedite these activities, is here to bring an easy solution. or REPACK (PT Reka Paket Cakrawala) is a Yogyakarta logistics service company that specializes in sending export goods with various conveniences, one of which is checking postage abroad online.

Shipping rates can be considered affordable, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say REPACK is one of the economical and reliable Indonesian export logistics services.

“ is here to make it easier for people who want to send goods around the world in an easy and economical way because we will try to understand your needs and are ready to provide the best solution,” said Sulistyo, one of the founders of

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Apart from being economical, a number of other conveniences are also provided, such as checking postage earlier for example. If in the past you had to bother contacting Customer Service to check it, now you only need to open the website to find out package rates abroad. The cost information provided includes delivery of general goods and special goods, complete with a list of package tariff information in different kilograms.

Not only simplifying the process of checking rates, REPACK also provides direct pick-up of goods to the customer’s location. Interestingly, this pick-up service is provided free of charge to business actors.

To take advantage of this extra service, customers only need to attach the sender’s personal data that matches their identity. Although some countries also require certain things and are slightly different than usual, the REPACK team is committed to always being ready to help even if the business actor has never carried out export activities.

That way, every customer will feel safe, comfortable and calm. Moreover, each package can be checked in real time via the website anytime and anywhere.

In addition to providing a sense of security, overseas shipments will be processed in a timely manner. Where the estimated Express service usually ranges from 3-8 days after the package is received REPACK.

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In addition to speed, range is an important consideration before using expedition services. The wider the reach, the better for business progress in increasing sales so that the brand can be widely known in various countries.

Like for example, which was initially only committed to being a business exporter service, now it can finally open delivery services to 200 countries. Some of them are Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Britain, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

With, business actors can send various types of goods to these countries. Ranging from commodities, dry food, fashion, electronics, medicines, to documents.

Other types of goods can also be processed by prior consultation with Customer Service.

For questions regarding the completeness of the delivery of goods, as well as other matters related to the process of exporting goods, you can also be asked directly. There is no extra credit fee to simply get this information because provides a zero rupiah service via WhatsApp. So that business people do not need to worry or hesitate to question and ensure all their needs.

With a number of services provided by, it is hoped that business actors in Indonesia can develop and compete globally more easily. And of course, will continue to develop services to provide the best and be in line with today’s business needs.


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