Rehan/Lisa’s adaptation in the first half went smoothly

Rehan/Lisa's adaptation in the first half went smoothly – Mixed doubles Rehan Naufal Kusharjanto/Lisa Ayu Kusumawati said that their adaptation process in the first round of the Spain Masters 2023 which took place in the City of Madrid went smoothly and resulted in a victory, Wednesday (30/3/2023).

In their appearance in the round of 32 of the BWF Super 300 tournament, Rehan/Lisa locked in a straight game victory 21-18, 21-17 over Yang Po Hsuan/Hu Ling Fang from Taiwan.

“After the last two tournaments the ball was slow, here the ball is quite fast, so we are trying to quickly adapt to it,” said Rehan via PP PBSI’s official information in Jakarta.

Rehan explained that the conditions at the Spain Masters were lighter compared to playing at the All England and Swiss Open last week, so they had to adapt their energy and strokes again when competing in Madrid.

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When facing Yang/Hu, the Indonesian duo reduced their hitting direction to match the technical conditions of the field. Thanks to the adaptation that went smoothly, Rehan/Lisa were able to take control of the match and lock in victory in 28 minutes.

“Today we are trying to keep the ball down because the ball here is quite fast. So in any case we have to put the ball down first so we can play better,” said Rehan.

Even though they were able to advance to the round of 16, Rehan/Lisa had a hard time in the first game when they were caught chasing points.

Rehan/Lisa, who just won 2-0 over Yang/Hu, were overwhelmed when the Taiwanese duo replied with three points and took the lead. Fierce competition ensued until after the interval with the turning point occurring when the Indonesian duo trailed 11-12.

At that position, Rehan/Lisa secured three consecutive points and finally took the lead again with a score of 14-12. They were able to maintain this advantage until the first game was over.

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“Today’s match was exciting, I was tense when I entered the field because of the first match,” Rehan said.


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