Pupuk Kaltim Departs 200 Homecoming from Bontang and Samarinda

Pupuk Kaltim Departs 200 Homecoming from Bontang and Samarinda

Reportase.one – PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (Pupuk Kaltim) facilitated hundreds of residents on the Idul Fitri 1444 H homecoming for land routes, through a program entitled Mudik Dihati Mudik Dinanti Together BUMN in 2023. The travelers were officially released by Pupuk Kaltim Management, together with the Mayor of Bontang Basri Rase in Pupuk Kaltim GOR parking lot.

SVP of Operations 2 Pupuk Kaltim Sujak, revealed that this free homecoming program is a form of Pupuk Kaltim’s concern for the community, in accordance with the mandate of the Ministry of BUMN to be present to contribute by providing homecoming facilities for the community in order to welcome Idul Fitri 1444 H.

This program is also an effort to reduce the number of accidents and traffic jams on the roads during the 2023 Eid homecoming period, as well as ensuring BUMN is present to serve the community on religious holidays.

This year Pupuk Kaltim is providing 200 homecoming tickets for three routes, including Bontang Samarinda, Bontang Balikpapan and Samarinda Banjarmasin, with the target community surrounding the company as the top priority. The departure was divided into five buses, with destinations for the Sungai Kunjang terminal and APT Pranoto Samarinda Airport, Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport and the Balikpapan City terminal, to the Banjarmasin city terminal in South Kalimantan.

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“For the Samarinda-Banjarmasin route, it will depart simultaneously from the Pupuk Kaltim Representative Office in Samarinda. All travelers will receive adequate facilities such as t-shirts, hats and snacks to provide comfort during the trip,” explained Sujak, written on Wednesday (19/4/2023).

He explained that Pupuk Kaltim has implemented the Homecoming Together with BUMN program since 2018, by facilitating thousands of East Kalimantan people to go home for free via land and sea routes to various regions in Indonesia. Even though he was absent due to Covid-19, this program was re-implemented starting last year according to the directions and instructions of the Ministry of BUMN to be present for the community.

In addition, Pupuk Kaltim also empowers the Borneos.co-supported marketplace to create a homecoming registration application link that is accessed online by the community, as a form of empowerment as well as coaching local business actors.

Sujak also hopes that this free homecoming program will provide benefits to the community, and that travelers will receive comfort during their trip to their hometown.

“Hopefully the trip will go smoothly until you arrive at your hometown, and stay safe during the trip,” said Sujak.

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He ensured that Pupuk Kaltim would continue to provide benefits in Bontang City, especially in celebration of religious holidays. This is a form of the company’s closeness to the community which has been well developed so far, and supports Pupuk Kaltim to continue to grow and develop.

“Pupuk Kaltim really appreciates all the support from the community, so that the company can continue to operate well. In the future, Pupuk Kaltim will continue to be present for the community, especially in Bontang City,” added Sujak.

Mayor of Bontang Basri Rase, appreciates Pupuk Kaltim’s concern in providing free homecoming services for the community, as a form of benefit that is felt directly in welcoming Eid Al-Fitr 1444 H. This free homecoming service is considered effective in reducing potential traffic jams and risks of land travel for travelers, so that people can stay in touch with family back home.

“On behalf of the Bontang City Government, we thank Pupuk Kaltim for providing free homecoming services for the community this year. For travelers, we urge them to always maintain security and order during their journey to their destination. Happy Eid and greetings to the families in the village, ” said Basri Rase.

Abdillah (47), one of the homecoming participants from Loktuan Village, North Bontang, said that Pupuk Kaltim’s free homecoming program was very beneficial for him and his family to be able to stay in touch in his hometown on Eid al-Fitr this year.

The man who works as a teacher at a middle school in Bontang City admitted that he was greatly helped, especially with the relatively easy registration process and excellent facilities for travelers traveling.

“The conditions are very easy, we only attach photocopies of KTP and KK during registration. Alhamdulillah, they are accepted so they can take part in Pupuk Kaltim’s free homecoming this year,” said Abdillah.

Abdillah also hopes that this program will be held by Pupuk Kaltim every year with the addition of travel routes by sea, so that underprivileged residents who want to go home outside East Kalimantan will be facilitated again like in 2018 and 2019. At that time he and his family also took part in Pupuk Kaltim’s free homecoming with ship, heading for his hometown in East Luwu, South Sulawesi.

“In the past, I also took part in Pupuk Kaltim’s free homecoming by boat. We are very grateful that our family and I were able to return to our hometown, because at that time it had been a long time since we had visited our parents. We hope that this program will continue to be held by Pupuk Kaltim,” Abdillah hoped.

The same thing was also expressed by Indra Wahyuningsih (40), a resident of the Tanjung Laut Indah Village, South Bontang. He admitted that he was helped to go home for Eid this year, even though he only returned to his hometown to Samarinda. According to him, this program shows Pupuk Kaltim’s high concern for Bontang residents without exception, so that during Eid they can stay in touch with their families.

“We thank Pupuk Kaltim, hopefully next year this program will be held again because it is very beneficial for the community,” said Indra Wahyuningsih.

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