Prevent 2 Methods of Cheating UTBK 2023 Participants, This Is What UNJ Is Doing

Prevent 2 Methods of Cheating UTBK 2023 Participants, This Is What UNJ Is Doing, Jakarta – Jakarta State University (UNJ) as one of the locations for holding the Computer-Based Writing Examination or UTBK implements several protocols to prevent cheating during the 2023 UTBK exam.

Deputy Head of the UNJ UTBK Center Agung Premono said there were two methods of cheating that occurred during last year’s UTBK implementation.

“There were two frauds that occurred last year. Fraud from the side of communication aids and information and technology (IT) side. In terms of tools, all classes have metal detectors. As soon as the participants sit in the room, all the items are collected, and then checked by the metal detector,” he told Tempo at the UNJ campus, Monday, May 8 2023.

In addition to communication aids, the UTBK supervisor at UNJ also anticipates fraud through cooperation between participants in the room. To prevent this, each room uses a partition between tables.

The second fraud method, said Agung, comes from the IT side. “From the IT side, last year there was fraud using applications that use the network. So we don’t have an idle computer in the room,” he explained.

The idle computer in question is a computer that is empty or idle, not used by participants or supervisors.


“There is no computer that pretends to be a backup, because it could be a mode used to leak the internal network to be connected to the internet outside,” he continued.

He explained that to prevent fraud from the IT side, all idle computers were placed in a special room, none of which were in the room that was being used to carry out the exam.

Meanwhile, UNJ provides a total of five locations for the examination. “UNJ uses 5 locations, namely the ICT UPT building, Dewi Sartika Building, and three partner locations at SMK Negeri 1, SMK Negeri 40, and SMK Negeri 50,” he said.

“From these 5 locations, a total of 960 people for one session this morning. So, in a total of 28 sessions, we received 25,121 participants,” he said.

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