Preparing for the 2023 SEA Games, the Crossfire Esports Team Trains in China

Preparing for the 2023 SEA Games, the Crossfire Esports Team Trains in China, Jakarta – The national esports team for the Crossfire game number is undergoing a training camp or overseas training camp in Hangzhou, China, as preparation for the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia.

“The training camp activity in China for the Crossfire National Team is part of PB ESI’s commitment, especially in continuing to sharpen skills and hone strategic match intuition,” said PB ESI Secretary-General Frengky Ong through an official statement, Sunday.

“We hope that all the careful preparations made by the National Team which are supported by professionals in various fields will result in optimal achievements at the 32nd SEA Games Cambodia 2023.”

The training camp is held at the esports hotel operated by Tencent and is equipped with qualified training facilities.

During the training camp, the National Team will also conduct match-ups with strong teams from China in order to hone technical aspects, including playing skills and strategies, as well as non-technical aspects, such as mental readiness.

“Since February 2023, the entire National Team has been forged very seriously through the national training camp (pelatnas) which was held at The Bellezza, Jakarta. We also facilitate the national team with a series of competitions to strengthen the spirit of competition and non-technical preparations for the benefit of psychology and physical fitness,” he said.

He also advised the athletes and coaches of the Crossfire National Team to maximize the entire series of training camp activities in order to carry out their mission.

Head Coach of the National Team Yohannes Paraloan Siagian explained, Crossfire is one of the first-person shooter (FPS) games that has been around for a long time in cyberspace and had enlivened the local esports scene. Even though the games are no longer being played in Indonesia, the quality of local athletes is still maintained.

“The proof is that the National Team was able to contribute a bronze medal at the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam 2021. This achievement convinces us that by carrying out innovations in team preparation, including through a training camp in China, the National Team is able to carve even higher achievements in this round of the SEA Games. this,” he said.

“We are optimistic that the entire series of training camp activities supported by the latest esports facilities, as well as the opportunity to practice matches with several teams that have good track records on the international stage, will further increase the competitiveness of the Crossfire National Team at the 32nd SEA Games Cambodia 2023, ” he said.

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