Praveen / Melati Keok from Danish Representative

Praveen / Melati Keok from Danish Representative – The mixed doubles pair Praveen Jordan / Melati Daeva Oktavianti had to settle for being runners-up to the 2023 Spain Masters after losing in two straight games to the Danish pair, Mathias Christiansen / Alexandra Boje in the final in Madrid, Sunday (2/4/2023) afternoon WIB.

The ex-Platnas PBSI pair lost 20-22, 18-21 after fighting for 47 minutes. For the Indonesian pair, the 2023 Spain Masters final is the seventh final in the BWF Super Series.

The Indonesian mixed doubles appeared with the hope of returning to their best performance after being absent for about six months from various competitions due to Praveen’s injury.

Praveen returned with his game which is known to have strong smashes and the Danish duo repeatedly had difficulty in stopping Praveen’s signature smashes which eventually contributed points to Indonesia.

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However, Melati is no less slick because her game is more controlled and able to provide a difficult defense for Mathias / Alexandra from the front zone.

Even though they had the lead at the start of the first game, Praveen / Melati was under pressure towards the end of the game. When the Indonesian duo led 17-13, Mathias / Alexandra stole four consecutive points to level the score at 17-17.

In that position, Praveen / Melati made a mistake and failed to return, giving the opponent an opportunity to catch up.

The situation became even more tense when Praveen / Melati reached the point game 20-18 because Mathias / Alexandra were able to make a surprise by getting four points in a row. The first game ended with Praveen / Melati losing 20-22 after playing in 21 minutes.

The game pattern that Praveen / Melati originally relied on in the first game turned out to be unable to give them an advantage in the second game.

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After trying to be patient, the mixed doubles club PB Djarum was pressured by a bolder opponent.

Praveen / Melati were also left behind 2-6, 5-9, to 7-12. After the interval they tried to be more consistent and play bolder.

Even though they had turned things around by winning 15-14 and 16-15, unfortunately this situation did not last long because Praveen / Melati again caught up and were left behind 16-19.

In this critical situation, there was still no improvement in Praveen / Melati’s game, they even went off the line several times. Finally the match was over after 47 minutes of play with the Danish duo winning the title.


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