Pramudya/Yeremia Take Advantage of Opponent’s Mistakes Skip the First Round

Pramudya/Yeremia Take Advantage of Opponent's Mistakes Skip the First Round – Pramudya Kusumawardana / Yeremia Erich Yoche Yacob Rambitan’s men’s doubles went through the first round of the 2023 Spain Masters by taking advantage of an opponent’s game that was often colored by mistakes during matches, Tuesday afternoon in Madrid, Spain.

“Today’s match we played more enjoyably. And it also seems that the opponents were not too comfortable with their game, so we got a lot of points from their mistakes too,” said Pramudya via a written message from PP PBSI in Jakarta, Wednesday.

The first round was successfully passed by the pair nicknamed The PraYer after defeating the men’s doubles from Japan, Keiichiro Matsui/Yoshinori Takeuchi, in two straight games 21-9, 21-12.

Pram/Yere’s action to create control of the game was truly unstoppable in the two games that were played in just 23 minutes.

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In the first game, the points for the Indonesian duo shot up quickly after Matsui/Takeuchi failed to present a consistent defense at the start of the game. Seeing the potential for an easy win, Pram/Yere did not hesitate to continue to provide attacks from the front zone.

Intense smashes and crosses made it difficult for the Japanese duo to return attacks and created half balls that became easy meals for Pram/Yere.

Points for Pram/Yere also kept away from their opponents with 5-1, 10-5, 15-7, 18-8, to 21-9.

Pram/Yere also enjoyed convenience again despite changing field positions. The world’s 21st ranked pair only needed a brief adaptation to adjust to the wind pressure in their new position.

Even though Matsui/Takeuchi had chased to a 5-5 draw, they were tricked again by Pram/Yere who were better prepared and won six points in a row.

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Playing under pressure made the Matsui/Takeuchi pattern inconsistent and lost focus, in the end a number of hitting mistakes occurred which benefited the Indonesian representatives.


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