Police Dismantle Trade in Pangolin Scales on Facebook, Arrest Egyptians

Police Dismantle Trade in Pangolin Scales on Facebook, Arrest Egyptians

Reportase.one, Jakarta – A foreign national from Egypt was also arrested in the investigation into the scale trade case pangolin (Sweet javanica). This case began with an arrest in the Soekarno-Hatta Airport area on 15 February 2023, with seven kilograms of animal scales as evidence. protected animals the.

In developing their investigation, the Airport Police and Polda Metro Jaya moved to several areas such as Serang and Bandung, and seized a total of 67.8 kilograms of pangolin scales. Together with the evidence, they arrested three people as suspects: one from Egypt and the other two local residents.

“Someone’s job is to be hunters, collectors, and financiers who have money,” said the Head of Conservation Section II of the Tegal Alur Animal Rescue Center, BKSDA Jakarta, Jemy Piter Karubun, on Friday 14 April 2023.

According to Jemy, the suspects’ gang sold pangolin scales via social media Facebook. The police caught them after they managed to set them up for a transaction. “Initially it was lured to 7 kilograms which was carried in a bag before it grew to 67.8 kilograms,” he said while adding the snares for suspects using Law Number 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Biological Natural Resources and their Ecosystems.

Jemy suspected that the scales that had been confiscated had long ago been collected and then dried by the suspects. Based on research references at BRIN, every one kilogram of pangolin scales is obtained from killing and skinning four adult pangolins. “So it is estimated that the number of pangolins exploited is 271,” said Jemy again.

Misguidedly thinking that pangolin scales are medicinal, and their delicious meat, this scaly mammal is being hunted. Photo: @pangolinconservation

He explained that pangolins are protected animals. According to the IUCN, its current conservation status is included in the Critically Endangered category, namely species at high risk of becoming extinct in the wild. Like rhino horn, pangolin (or pangolin) scales are poached for a traditional medicine widely used in China.

Jemy advised the public to be vigilant when buying animals or plants by making sure whether they are protected by law or not. He also rejects the existence of hunting of wild animals and destruction of habitats that trigger imminent extinction. “Conservation is dead. Our nature’s last bastion,” he said.

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