Pay attention to the following points before exchanging new currency at Bank Indonesia

Pay attention to the following points before exchanging new currency at Bank Indonesia, Jakarta – Bank Indonesia facilitates services exchange new money ahead of Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijri. This facility has been open since March 27 2023 to April 20 2023. Bank Indonesia provides 5,066 exchange points spread throughout Indonesia.

Bank Indonesia also cooperates with a number of banking institutions to facilitate the process of money exchange transactions. In addition, Bank Indonesia also provides alternative services for money exchange through the PINTAR Mobile Cash System (Exchange and Withdrawal of Rupiah Currency).

Reported from, this exchange is carried out through Bank Indonesia’s mobile cash at a predetermined location. Available location details can be seen in the SMART application.

In using this service, the public must know a number of things that must be considered, both before and when exchanging money. Here are things to watch out for:

Before making an exchange

1. Exchange orders through PINTAR and obtain proof of exchange orders.

2. Sorting and packing the exchanged Rupiah. Procedures for sorting and packing Rupiah currency, namely:

  • Rupiah notes are sorted according to the type of denomination and year of issue, and are arranged in the same direction.
  • Do not use tape, adhesive, duct tape, or staples to group or combine Rupiah notes.

3. Prepare Rupiah money to be exchanged at a nominal value according to the proof of order.

When making an exchange

  • Present at the location, date and time as stated on the proof of order.
  • Submit proof of exchange order in digital form or printout when making an exchange.
  • Carry Rupiah currency in the right amount, which has been grouped by type of denomination and year of issue of the money, and arranged in the same direction.
  • Follow the health protocols that apply.
  • If the exchange of Rupiah money is represented, the representative who performs the exchange must bring the original KTP according to the name stated on the proof of order.
  • Each representative can only represent a maximum of 2 (two) proof of exchange orders.

Another thing to look out for is the service new exchange through mobile cash is not carried out on national holidays or joint leave determined by the government, unless otherwise regulated by Bank Indonesia.

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