Password Apocalypse, Google Officially Releases Its Substitute

Password Apocalypse, Google Officially Releases Its Substitute

Jakarta, Reportase – Until now, passwords are still required when logging in to a number of social media service platforms to email. However, Google’s move indicates that passwords will become obsolete in the near future.

This sign of the password apocalypse became even more visible when Google launched its newest feature called Passkey. With this new method, users of online services no longer need to rely on passwords.

“Passkeys are a new way of logging into apps and websites. They’re both easier to use and more secure than passwords, so users no longer need to rely on pet names, birthdays or ‘password123’,” said Google Group Product Manager, Christian Bran and Sriram Karra as Senior Product Manager, in writing on the company’s official blog, quoted on Thursday (4/5/2023).

Users can use the Passkey in the same way as opening an HP device, namely scanning fingerprints, faces or using a PIN on the screen.

Both also claim passkeys are much more secure. Users do not need to worry about online attacks such as phishing, which often allows perpetrators to break into the accounts of many victims.

Google has provided a Passkeys option for all account users, by logging into the page. Meanwhile for Google Workspace accounts there will be an option to activate it immediately when signing in.

Previously the company has shared the update on Chrome and Android. Such as Docusign, Kayak, Paypal, Shopify and Yahoo Japan.

However, this change does not mean that Google completely abandons the practice of passwords. The tech giant confirmed passwords and two-step verification can still be used on Google accounts.

This launch was carried out ahead of World Password Day on May 4 2023. Both of them also hoped that next year’s celebration could be celebrated without a password again.

“So maybe on World Password Day next year, you won’t even have to use a password let alone remember it,” the pair said.

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