Oppo Talks about the Find N2 Flip Production Process and Competition in Indonesia

Oppo Talks about the Find N2 Flip Production Process and Competition in Indonesia

Reportase.one, JakartaOppo soon will officially launch products in the folding line for the first time in Indonesia through Oppo Find N2 Flip. The device, which has been present in China since the end of last year, has been installed on the Oppo Gallery display table for some time.

Oppo Indonesia invites you to see the device production process first hand flagship at the Oppo Manufacturing facility, Banten, last week. “Here dreamteam who produces Oppo Find N2 Flip,” said Aryo Meidianto A, spokesperson for Oppo Indonesia, when introducing the workers there.

According to Aryo, the workers were selected from those who usually produce Reno series devices and others based on work performance assessments such as being proficient and neat. “We took it to produce the Find N2 Flip device,” he said.

Production of Oppo Find N2 Flip at Oppo Manufacturing, Tangerang, Banten, May 4 2023. Photo: Tempo/Maria Fransisca Lahur

He also explained that the employees on the Oppo Find N2 Flip production line are permanent. However, the company will recruit additional staff at this time high season such as Eid, New Year, or other moments when the demand for mobile devices increases sharply.

Oppo and Foldable Phones in Indonesia

Oppo will be the first manufacturer to bring foldable phones to Indonesia. Samsung, which has sold several generations, is the first. Meanwhile, Vivo is limited to showing off products flagshipits in the mall. But Aryo refused to call the others competitors.

“We are not not competing with existing markets,” he said. According to him, Oppo is limited to seeing opportunities in the folding smartphone market where consumers have several complaints, one of which is the folding of the screen. “We see the potential there. How to make technology that makes the folds of the screen are much less visible,” said Aryo again.

It is claimed, there are no gaps when the device is folded and the folds are not visible when the folding phone is opened. Oppo is also very confident with its fast charging capabilities. “We believe that is what drives people to buy the Find N2 Flip.”

New Generation Flexion Hinge

Aryo said the key to the advantages he claimed was a hinge technology called the New Generation Flexion Hinge. “This hinge looks hard to bend but, when it’s combined with the screen, it opens easily,” he said.

Aryo also compared the new generation of hinges to the first generation, which, according to him, was much more compact. This is also what allowed the company to include a large front screen on the Oppo Find N2 Flip device.

Oppo Talks about the Find N2 Flip Production Process and Competition in IndonesiaThe hinge (center right) and other components that make up the Oppo Find N2 Flip were shown on May 4, 2023. This folding cellphone will soon be marketed in Indonesia from its production facility in Banten. (PHOTO/MARY FRANSISCA LAHUUR)


“If you use the previous generation, you can’t have a horizontal screen, but you have to be vertical,” he said, adding, “With a smaller hinge, we can take advantage of several large components to enter cover screen Oppo whose type is horizontal 3.26 inches.”

Oppo Talks about the Find N2 Flip Production Process and Competition in IndonesiaOPPO Find N2 Flip. Photo: OPPO

Oppo previously mentioned that the hinge resistance of the Find N2 Flip, which has been tested up to 400 thousand times, has received certification from TÜV Rhineland. It is stated that the 400,000 fold test is equivalent to using it for more than 10 years, by opening and closing the cellphone 100 times a day.

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