Open City Musrenbang, Heru Budi Encourages Jakarta Economic Acceleration

Open City Musrenbang, Heru Budi Encourages Jakarta Economic Acceleration

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia

Acting (Acting) Governor of DKI Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono conveyed various directions when opening the Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang) for Central Jakarta and South Jakarta, Thursday (16/3).

The Musrenbang, which are held at the respective Mayor’s Offices, are intended to discuss regional-level development program/activity plans originating from community aspirations, as well as regional development priorities.

“The directions I convey are related to countermeasures in alleviating traffic jams, floods, poverty, and stunting. Apart from that, it is also to strengthen and beautify infrastructure as part of supporting the ASEAN Chairmanship event,” said Heru.

The Musrenbang is held in rounds throughout the city/administrative districts of Jakarta as the basis for the 2024 Regional Development Work Plan (RKPD). In his direction, Heru also invited his staff to coordinate and synergize with each other, especially to anticipate economic conditions.

The directive he conveyed could not be separated from the prediction that 2024 would be the year of recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, a global recession is expected to threaten in 2023.

Heru also asked his staff to be vigilant about economic conditions in 2023 and 2024. According to Heru, economic acceleration needs to be carried out so that economic conditions, especially in Jakarta, can recover as before the pandemic.

“Because this year’s Musrenbang discussion is for policies in 2024, we must all be aware of potential economic conditions. Therefore a social security network is needed, where the PPKUKM Service, Dukcapil Service, and Bappeda work together to read the situation going forward,” heru explained.

In line with that, the 2023-2026 DKI Jakarta Province Regional Development Plan (RPD) focuses development in 2024 on increasing city resilience through strengthening an inclusive economy and strengthening the quality of basic services. Therefore, the development of the 2024 RKPD adopts the theme ‘Transformation of Jakarta as a Resilient, Competitive and Sustainable City for Indonesia’.

The 2024 development plan will prioritize addressing six issues in the capital city. Namely flood prevention, traffic jam management, anticipating the impact of an economic recession, poverty alleviation, accelerating the reduction of stunting, and strengthening democratic values.



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