OnePlus Comes Back to RI After 6 Years, What’s So Great?

OnePlus Comes Back to RI After 6 Years, What's So Great?

Jakarta, Reportase – OnePlus finally comeback to Indonesia after 6 years of leaving since June 2017. Today, Thursday (13/4/2023), the Chinese manufacturer held events first major in the country.

For information, OnePlus first appeared in Indonesia in 2015 with a product called ‘One’. The sales mechanism is limited to outlets on line to cut distribution costs.

OnePlus’ presence in Indonesia was 2 years after its global launch in December 2013 in China. OnePlus brought fresh air to the HP market, which at that time was saturated.

In terms of design and strategy marketing, OnePlus seems to be targeting young people. Abroad, this cellphone was in great demand because the sales mechanism at that time used an invitation system.

So, there is an impression of exclusivity and hipster for those who hold a OnePlus cellphone. When it was present in Indonesia for the first time, OnePlus cooperated e-commerce Lazada. However, sales do not follow the invitation system like in other countries.

In addition, another uniqueness of OnePlus is the operating system that uses Android modified by the Cyanogen company. The operating system is considered one of OnePlus’ strengths.

Not to mention the price which is considered skewed for the prime specifications that are carried. The price range for OnePlus phones is in the range of IDR 4-5 million.

Not too cheap, but not expensive either. This is what keeps the impression of ‘cheap’ on brands oneplus. There is also an assumption that OnePlus owners are those who ‘understand technology’ alias ‘geeky’.

Unfortunately, OnePlus only lasted about 2 years in RI. These manufacturers cannot meet the government’s Domestic Component Level (TKDN) regulation for 4G network devices, which is 30%.

OnePlus only had time to bring 3 cellphones in Indonesia. The second product is the OnePlus 2, then the last is the OnePlus X.

OnePlus X itself is a cheap version of OnePlus 2. This series is sold with the system flash sales on the Blibli platform in March 2016. The network was downgraded to 3G, because at that time 4G cellphones in Indonesia could only be marketed if they met TKDN regulations.

OnePlus Returns to Indonesia

Now, OnePlus is back on the Indonesian market. It is under the auspices of the BKK Group, a company that is also the parent company of Oppo and Vivo.

The return of OnePlus is a bold step, because the HP market in Indonesia is sluggish. The IDC report showed a decline in sales of 14.3% year-on-year (YoY).

This decline occurred for the first time after 13 consecutive years of always experiencing growth. Throughout 2022, only 35 million HP units will be shipped, down from 40.9 million units in the previous year.

According to IDC’s analysis, one of the factors causing the decline in people’s purchasing power is inflation and uncertain economic conditions. The average Indonesian citizen is said to focus on meeting primary needs.

Going forward, IDC predicts that the low-cost HP market will be depressed. The trend of the community is to buy a higher quality premium cellphone so that it lasts longer.

So, can OnePlus answer this challenge? Moreover, HP manufacturers in Indonesia have for years been controlled by 5 vendors with big names (Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, Realme).

Let’s just wait for the latest breakthroughs and products from OnePlus which will enliven the country’s mobile competition.

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