Ojol Opens Voice, This Is the Reason Gojek-Grab Has Difficulty Finding Drivers

Ojol Opens Voice, This Is the Reason Gojek-Grab Has Difficulty Finding Drivers

Jakarta, Reportase – Drivers or drivers are considered to be the spearhead of ride-hailing companies such as Grab and Gojek. However, it is estimated that Grab and Gojek will find it difficult to find drivers because ojol’s income is considered to be increasingly inadequate.

This was conveyed by the Chairperson of the Garda Indonesia Online Motorcycle Bike Driver Association, Igun Wicaksono.

According to him, until now the demand for the needs of the community in using online motorcycle taxis (ojol) is still high. However, the enthusiasm of fellow drivers is declining.

The needs of the company are not only about consumers, but also drivers as the spearhead of running business applications such as Grab-Gojek.

Igun said that the enthusiasm of the drivers had begun to decrease, of course this would also disrupt the digital ecosystem in the ride hailing business itself.

“At a time when people need online motorcycle taxi drivers, online motorcycle taxi drivers are starting to decrease, so this will also disrupt supply and demand in the digital ecosystem,” said Igun in the Profit program on Reportase.

His party has several times conveyed to ride hailing companies to minimize discounts for drivers. Because currently, the discount given is more than 20%.

The discount a few years earlier, namely a maximum of 20%, was considered heavy for drivers. Moreover, after the pandemic, the deductions are not getting smaller but bigger.

“This big deduction is burdensome for drivers. So that gradually some drivers switch professions,” he said.

Regarding the fixed price, his party agrees that we have also agreed that the current tariff is in accordance with the wishes.

However, regarding this large chunk, according to the drivers, it is no longer appropriate. “For us it is no longer appropriate, it is no longer feasible for us to be able to make a living on online motorcycle taxis as it is today.” he concluded.

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