North Gorontalo Police Chief urges residents to work together to prevent money politics

North Gorontalo Police Chief urges residents to work together to prevent money politics

Gorontalo (Reportase One) – North Gorontalo Police Chief (Kapolres), Gorontalo Province, AKBP Juprisan Pratama Ramadhan Nasution, invited residents in the area to work together to prevent money politics in the 2024 simultaneous general elections.

“Our joint task is to succeed in holding simultaneous elections in 2024. Among them, by working together to prevent money politics (money politics) which seriously injure the nation’s democracy, including in this area,” he said, in Gorontalo, Thursday.

He said he received the ‘curhatan’ or aspirations of residents, such as those he met in Masuru Village, Kwandang District.

“The community asked us (the police) to closely monitor the implementation of the elections so that they are free from money politics,” he said.

In Masuru Village, residents say, they are often the target of money politics by elements. This reflects on the experience of the 2019 elections.

According to him, said Juprisan, the hope of the community, including the village government, that the Polres will participate in overseeing the election process, especially preventing money politics, must be fulfilled.

“We will be swift in helping the community to jointly prevent money politics. I ask the residents to also be unified. Don’t even secretly accept ‘money’ from individuals with the intention of persuading, seducing, to choose what is not in accordance with their own choices. We must build clean and honest democracy for the success of elections,” he said.

In the 2024 simultaneous elections, said Juprisan, his party will also place personnel in every village, apart from Bhabinkamtibmas, to strengthen security against the implementation of the democratic party.

Efforts to prevent money politics will always be conveyed to the public in each region.

“We (the police) will help the election organizers in efforts to prevent money politics through education and socialization to the public. Moreover, there are very strict legal sanctions for perpetrators of money politics, including recipients,” he said.

The Polres will continue to open up space for discussion with the community, in any form.

“Please contact us. Tell us that if there is a potential for disturbances of security and order in their respective areas, we will swiftly follow up to create a safe and peaceful area. This includes supporting the smooth implementation of all stages of simultaneous elections in this area,” he added.


North Gorontalo Police Chief, AKBP Juprisan Pratama Ramadhan Nasution, accepted the community’s aspirations regarding efforts to prevent money politics, among others conveyed by residents of Masuru Village, Kwandang District. (Reportase One/Susanti Sako)

Reporter: Susanti Sako
Editor: Agus Setiawan


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