Mount Karangetang is Still on Alert Status, Hikers Are Prohibited from Approaching the Crater

Mount Karangetang is Still on Alert Status, Hikers Are Prohibited from Approaching the Crater, Manado – The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG), the Geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources stated that the status of Mount Karangetang in Sitaro Islands Regency, North Sulawesi, is still on alert (level III).

Mount Karangetang experienced an effusive eruption on February 8, 2023 after showing an increase in volcanic activity.

“We hope residents comply with the danger radius or recommendations issued by PVMBG,” said Head of the Karangetang Volcano Observation Post, Yudia A. Tatipang, in Manado, Sunday, April 16, 2023.

He said from the observation report until 00.00-06.00 WITA, visually the mountain with a height of 1,784 meters above sea level was clear to the fog, while the weak pressure crater smoke was observed to be white with light to medium intensity and a height of 50 meters above the peak. crater.

The smoke from crater two was observed to be thin white to a thickness of about 25 meters. From CCTV, it was observed that a light of fire was about 10 meters from the top of craters one and two.

The Volcano Post recorded seven hybrid/multiphase earthquakes with an amplitude of five to eight millimeters, with an SP of 0 seconds and a duration of 10-24 seconds.

Also recorded was a shallow volcanic earthquake with an amplitude of eight millimeters and a duration of five seconds, one local tectonic earthquake with an amplitude of 35 millimeters, SP of seven seconds with a duration of 20 seconds, and four distant tectonic earthquakes with an amplitude of 8-35 millimeters, SP of 16-19 seconds with a duration 44-89 seconds.

He mentioned several recommendations that must be obeyed, namely that the public, visitors, tourists and climbers are not allowed to move around and approach areas within a 2.5 kilometer radius from the main crater and 3.5 kilometers in the south and southeast sectors.

Communities around the mountain are expected to be calm and not provoked by issues regarding eruptions and always follow directions from the BPBD of North Sulawesi Province and BPBD of Sitaro Regency.

Meanwhile, during the rainy season, people who live along the banks of rivers that originate from the peak of Mount Karangetang are expected to be aware of secondary hazards in the form of the threat of lava flows.


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