Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno asked Sudan to protect Indonesian citizens who were affected by the military conflict

Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno asked Sudan to protect Indonesian citizens who were affected by the military conflict

Jakarta (Reportase One) – Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi asked the Sudanese government to protect Indonesian citizens (WNI) affected by the armed military conflict in that country.

This is because since the fighting between the Sudanese military (SAF) and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) erupted on April 15 2023, Wisma Indonesia and the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum have been affected several times by the ongoing conflict.

Responding to the tendency of the escalation of the conflict, said Retno, the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum continued to communicate and request protection for Indonesian citizens to the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“I have also sent a message to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan asking for a telephone conversation. However, until now there has been no response,” he said when delivering an online media briefing on Thursday, regarding efforts to protect Indonesian citizens in Sudan.

The Director General for Asia Pacific and Africa of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated this message to the Sudanese Ambassador in Jakarta. It is hoped that the foreign ministers of the two countries will speak soon and Indonesia will ask for protection for diplomatic missions and the safety of Indonesian citizens in Sudan.

Until now, said Foreign Minister Retno, the situation in Sudan has not improved and has even tended to escalate.

Battles for vital objects took place, among others, at the Presidential Palace, Military Command Headquarters, and Khartoum International Airport.

“Points of battle also occurred at the RSF Headquarters, one of which is located near the African International University, where many Indonesian citizens live,” said Retno.

Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the death toll has reached 300 and more than 3,000 people have been injured.

Several attempts at a truce were not successful.

“This development raises very deep concern and very high alert,” he said.

Responding to the situation on the ground, the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum has made various efforts to evacuate Indonesian citizens to safe house the Indonesian Embassy and provide logistical assistance to Indonesian citizens. So far, 43 Indonesian citizens have been evacuated to Indonesia safe house Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum.

The Indonesian Embassy noted that 1,209 Indonesian citizens live in Sudan. Most of them are students and students in the capital Khartoum.

Emphasizing that the safety of civilians is a priority, Indonesia also urged the holding of a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting to encourage a humanitarian pause to evacuate Indonesian citizens and distribute humanitarian aid in Sudan.

“The humanitarian pause is very important at this time. Without a humanitarian pause, it will be difficult to evacuate and provide humanitarian assistance,” said Retno.

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Reporter: Yashinta Difa Pramudyani
Editor: Anton Santoso


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