Members of the Republic of Indonesia DPR have pocketed four companies that harassed female employees

Members of the Republic of Indonesia DPR have pocketed four companies that harassed female employees

Bekasi Regency (Reportase One) – Member of Commission VIII DPR RI Obon Tabroni admitted that he has pocketed the names of four companies whose superiors are suspected of sexually harassing female employees in Cikarang, Bekasi Regency, West Java.

Obon said that so far he had communicated with a number of other victims with similar cases from different companies besides the AD victim (24).

“Until now, only one person has dared to make a police report. However, so far there have been individuals from four companies who have indicated that they have committed acts of sexual harassment with the mode of contract extension,” he said at the Bekasi Metro Police Headquarters, Saturday.

He hopes that this case will get attention from the central government because abuses against workers or women workers have often occurred.

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“The government should respond to this case, one of the easiest ways is to socialize it to companies and then put pressure on it. If this case is found in a company, don’t show mercy,” he said.

He hopes that other victims are willing to report this incident so that the police can immediately follow up on the case. Obon ensures that many agencies will ensure the security and safety of victims.

“From a security standpoint, we have the LPSK and then the regional government has it, safe from a safety standpoint. But from another point of view, right now, if anything goes wrong emotionally, not everyone is ready. But if a lot of people are brave, we will definitely help,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bekasi Metro Police Chief Comr. Twedi Aditya Bennyahdi ensured that reports from the public would be followed up through efforts to deepen the case by collecting data and a number of necessary information materials.

“Of course it still needs a process and there is time to go through the process,” said Twedi.

Reporter: Pradita Kurniawan Syah
Editor: Herry Soebanto


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