Max Verstappen Welcomes Fernando Alonso as a Competitor for the 2023 F1 Championship

Max Verstappen Welcomes Fernando Alonso as a Competitor for the 2023 F1 Championship – Red Bull’s Max Verstappen welcomes Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin to 2023 after their impressive performances in the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.

“I hope so (competition is getting tougher), for Fernando too. He has had a few years where there was no possibility to go in front, so I’m happy to see him sitting here (on the podium) in the first race,” Verstappen said, launching the report at official F1 page, Friday.

Prior to taking third place at the Bahrain Grand Prix alongside Verstappen and Sergio Perez, Alonso had shown impressive form during pre-season testing by placing in the top five. He is right behind the two strong drivers of F1, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Although Red Bull secured the top two spots in Bahrain, Verstappen described the Aston Martin AMR23 as a “very strong package” and did not rule out Alonso and his team fighting for the title.

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“I think Aston Martin really has passion and drive. They want to win and they’ve hired a lot of great people so I think this ride is only going to get better for them,” said Vestappen.

“However, sometimes there are a few tracks that really suit our car and they all go well together, and we can win the race, sometimes with a little help or luck.”

Agreed with his team-mates, Perez also said Alonso and Aston Martin appear to be the real threats for this season.

“I’m very happy to see Aston and Fernando here. I think it’s been a great effort, and it’s great to see Fernando in his first race for the team win on the podium,” said Perez.

“I think they must have a very good car, they will definitely challenge at some tracks. The season in F1 is very long, so anything can happen,” Perez added. (BETWEEN)

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