Market Share Grows, UNVR Successfully Makes Rp. 1.4 T Net Profit

Market Share Grows, UNVR Successfully Makes Rp. 1.4 T Net Profit

Jakarta, Reportase – PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk (UNVR) managed to record sales of IDR 10.6 trillion (not audited) in the first quarter of 2023.

President Director of PT Unilever Indonesia TbkIra Noviarti said, this achievement was supported by increaseshis market share in the last three months. Inwhere most of its product categories effectively reach share better in the midst of intense competition.

This also encouraged the company to record a net profit of IDR 1.4 trillion and record an increase gross margins compared to last year.

“Although the macro outlook is showing encouraging signs, we see that market growth slowed down in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the third and fourth quarters of 2022. The key thing is to make sure that we are moving in the right direction,” said Ira in a written statement. , Wednesday (19/04/2023).

Ira said the important record of Q1 2023 performance includes stronger fundamentals on track General Trade (GT) and Modern Trade (MT), core brands which offers superior benefits, a solid portfolio across all segments, and increased competitiveness in MT.

To drive the company’s performance going forward, UNVR said Ira will consistently carry out five strategic priorities to drive growth, namely strengthening and unlocking the full potential of major brands, expanding and enriching the portfolio to premium and value segmentsstrengthening leadership in key channels (General Trade And Modern Trade) and future channels (e-Commerce), application E-Everything across all lines of business, and remain at the forefront of sustainable business development.

“Our increased market share is a promising indicator that the Company’s five strategic priorities are the right steps to boost competitiveness and secure long-term growth. Our profitability in the first quarter of this year also increased compared to quarters three and four last year,” he explained.

The company itself succeeded in increasing its market share in terms of value and volume, driven by 11 categories whose shares were strengthening such as skin cleansing (skin care), soy sauce, oral care (dental and oral care), soup stock (broth) and fabric solutions (softener).

To strengthen and unlock the full potential of its core brands, the Company continues to focus on executing bold market development programs and creating impactful innovations.

The core products offer superior benefits, and are supported by stronger and better communications through increased media investment.

In addition, the company will also optimize the momentum of the holidays to encourage more users and frequency of use.

The company continues to strengthen its portfolio, both in the premium and value segments. Where for the premium segment, the Company is supported by various innovations such as Vaseline Gluta-Hya, Pond’s Sun Serum, Lifebuoy Natural, and Pepsodent Herbal.

Meanwhile for the value segment, UNVR has completed its portfolio transformation by launching Lifebuoy Dishwash and Glow & Lovely Body Wash.

On the other hand, efforts to strengthen business fundamentals through better execution have shown positive developments.

In Distributive Trade (DT), the Company is pushing for a larger number of stores, better quality stores, and bigger and better distributors with healthier inventory. In addition, at MT, the Company continues to increase its market share both in terms of volume and value. Furthermore, Ira added,

“This quarter, we have completed reducing trading stocks with DT and MT customers as part of the overall channel transformation that we started in the second half of last year to keep our business competitive going into the future. Therefore, we look forward to seeing a positive long-term impact long term both in terms of cost and speed in bringing our innovations into the hands of consumers,” he concluded.

Ira also expressed confidence in the Company’s ability to maintain competitive growth in the coming quarters.

“We are very optimistic about facing the remainder of 2023 and beyond. Challenges will certainly exist, but we are ready with a clear vision and strategy to drive growth that is competitive, profitable, consistent and responsible. We are focused on ensuring the best execution of the strategies that have been set. , while continuing to invest in our people, products, brands and technology to stay at the forefront,” concluded Ira

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