Lecturers from 35 New State Universities Demonstrate at the Palace Demand Appointment of Civil Servants

Lecturers from 35 New State Universities Demonstrate at the Palace Demand Appointment of Civil Servants

Reportase.one, Jakarta – Lecturers who are members of the Inter-Employee Association (ILP) of New State Universities (PTNB) throughout Indonesia held a demonstration in front of the State Palace, Jakarta on Monday, March 20, 2023. The action demanded that the government immediately change their employment status to become Civil Servants civil servants (PNS).

The National Action Coordinator who is also the Head of ILP Unsika Karawang Imam Budi Santoso said he was concerned about the government’s attitude that was not serious in accommodating the employment status of lecturers and education staff. In fact, he said, actually when a campus has changed its status to a state university, the human resources in it, including lecturers and students, should also become civil servants.

“Not a contract employee Government Employee with Employment Agreement (PPPK) which has been carried out by the government for lecturers and students,” said Imam Budi Santoso in the release received Tempo on Monday, March 20, 2023.

Imam continued that the government should open up as clearly as possible the issue of changing the status of PTS to PTN and also pay attention to the rights and obligations of lecturers and teaching staff. “When our house was evicted and it already belonged to the government, why were we the residents only placed as PPPK contract workers. Where is the government’s justice for us?,” he said.

Apart from not considering justice, Imam believes that demonstrations through the Central ILP, which have been ongoing since 2010 until now, have not been properly accommodated by the government.

“The government tends to tyrannize us, because when all the assets belonging to our campus were taken, we were left behind and only became PPPK contract workers. In fact, we have served for decades and on average have masters, doctoral degrees and some even have professors,” he said.

Imam said the government should pay more serious attention to Komnas HAM’s recommendation that lecturers and students should be accommodated as government employees, in this case becoming civil servants, not PPPK.

Various Problems When Appointed by PPPK and Judged as Violating Human Rights

According to him, the problems have become more complicated since being appointed as PPPK, namely not recognizing decades of service, no recognition of the S3 academic level in employee payroll, very minimal employee competency development, unable to make adjustments or equalization of functional positions during the contract period. and the unclear contract extension process.

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