KPK: OTT DJKA officials related to corruption in the railroad project

KPK: OTT DJKA officials related to corruption in the railroad project

Jakarta (Reportase One) – The Corruption Eradication Commission declared a red-handed operation against officials of the Directorate General of Railways (DJKA) regarding allegations of corruption in the construction and repair of railroads.

“The alleged corruption is related to the construction of the Trans Sulawesi railroad and other projects to improve railroad crossings at the DGKA of the Ministry of Transportation,” said KPK Head of Reporting Section, Ali Fikri, in Jakarta, Wednesday.

During the hand-catching operation (OTT), KPK investigators also confiscated some money as evidence.

“It’s true, so far, billions of rupiah have also been secured as initial evidence. There are also thousands of US dollars in cash,” he said.

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Ali Fikri revealed that there were 25 people secured in the OTT consisting of officials making commitments and other related officials as well as private parties.

“Arrests were made in Semarang, Jakarta, West Java and Surabaya,” he said.

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The KPK also brought four people who were caught by OTT to Jakarta to undergo further investigation.

They arrived at the KPK building at 6.02 WIB using four cars escorted by two patrol vehicles and a police escort.

The anti-corruption agency today will soon provide further information regarding the status of the parties.

“The KPK will immediately determine its position after one 24 hour period,” he concluded.

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Reporter: Fianda Sjofjan Rassat
Editor: Didik Kusbiantoro


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