Kadin Bali said that it is not too late to deal with naughty tourists

Kadin Bali said that it is not too late to deal with naughty tourists

Denpasar (Reportase One) – Chairman of the Bali Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Made Ariandi said it is not too late to deal with unruly tourists who are trying or working illegally on the Island of the Gods which has an impact on local entrepreneurs.

“It’s never too late. Confidence, sincerity, togetherness, all collaboration stakeholders what we do well. I don’t regret being late, this is just the impact of the promotion,” he said in Denpasar, Saturday.

From the handling of the Bali Provincial Government which formed a tourism task force, according to him, results have been seen, but continuity is needed so that tourists who come understand the existing rules.

Kadin Bali itself has seen the phenomenon of rogue tourists who come to travel, but ends up opening a business illegally, which has been seen since the increase in foreign tourists after the pandemic, coupled with the policy visa on arrival And second home visa.

“So they feel good, you know, living in Indonesia, they can live cheaply. They are afraid that the world’s people who become tourists here will feel like they live here. If they stay, they will try and work,” said Ariandi.

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Therefore, according to him, enforcement is still important so that tourists can differentiate between the government’s intentions, especially regarding the ownership of Rp. 2 billion if they want to own it second home visa.

“Actually, we don’t have IDR 2 billion for investment. That ensures he lives 2-3 years without starving. If he doesn’t have money, he won’t starve and won’t take on the work of other people, local people,” he explained.

Kadin Bali admits that they firmly support the Provincial Government of Bali so that the tourists who come are quality tourists, where they realize that their presence for tours does not act like local residents.

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“He (tourists) have to differentiate. Even though it can be two years here, that’s what the government means. Not for two years, with Rp. 200 million the money runs out and then becomes a motorcycle taxi driver, gymnastics teacher, yoga, diving, and everything. They buy a lot of used motorbikes because they don’t need an ID card to buy them, they take them and they shouldn’t,” said Ariandi.

Reporter: Ni Putu Putri Muliantari
Editor: Chandra Hamdani Noor


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