JK Doesn’t Believe Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Humans

JK Doesn't Believe Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Humans

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The 10th and 12th Vice Presidents (Wapres) of the Republic of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla (JK) does not believe that artificial intelligence, aka AI, can replace the role of humans in the world of work.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not as people say that machines will replace humans. Humans will not be replaced and the economy will grow from the added value of efficiency and innovation,” said JK, as quoted by Antara, Friday (17/3).

JK’s statement relates to the storm of layoffs (PHK) that hit the alias startup company startups. He said entrepreneurs no longer burn money, but return to real industries with the help of technology.

JK admits that information technology or computers are needed to support work. However, he emphasized that the human need for information technology is not to support technology.

“As we now know, technology companies have laid off their employees because entrepreneurs are returning to real industry, advanced agriculture with technology that has added value. It’s no longer a business that people say is burning money,” he explained.

“That good IT or computer technology is still needed, but the aim is to provide added value, not IT for IT or IT artificial intelligence (AI),” continued J.K.

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