Japanese chef reveals the challenges of cooking Indonesian menus

Japanese chef reveals the challenges of cooking Indonesian menus

..Indonesian cooking techniques are no less difficult than other techniques and that can be an advantage of Indonesia that must be known,

Tokyo (Reportase One) – Executive Chef of Hotel Imperial Tokyo Yu Sugimoto revealed the challenges of cooking Indonesian menus that will be presented at the 2023 Indonesia Fair from 1-30 April 2023.

When met at the 2023 Indonesia Fair in Tokyo, Sugimoto, said one of the menus which was quite difficult to make and to adapt to the taste of the Japanese people was fish in a special sauce from Papua.

“We tried to make it based on a recipe sent from the chef in Indonesia, but after he came and joined the kitchen yesterday, the taste is very different,” he said.

He added that one of the difficulties was adjusting the balance between Indonesian herbs and spices which tend to be spicy to the tastes of Japanese people in general, but not reducing the authenticity of the recipe itself.

“The Japanese tongue is different. So, to make it look like Indonesian-style gravy is very challenging. So we corrected the seasoning a bit,” he said.

Sugimoto said, for example, to make fried rice, various kinds of herbs and spices are needed, while to make a menu similar to what is already popular in Japan, namely oriental fried rice. chahanusing ready-made seasonings.

“To make Indonesian food, we have to use a lot of spices mixed together to make the basic seasoning. Making it completely from scratch, the authentic way,” he said.

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Chef Aziz Amri from Indonesia gave information regarding Indonesian menus at the 2023 Indonesia Fair in Tokyo, Saturday (1/4). (Reportase One/ Juwita Trisna Rahayu)

Meanwhile, Indonesian chef Chef Aziz Amri revealed that there had been debates regarding cooking techniques, but all of that could be overcome by mutual trust in each other’s capabilities.

“There are also several Japanese cooking techniques that are very simple, but of good quality. Meanwhile, Indonesia mostly cooks for a long time. So, there is a section clash “Don’t take too long, the taste will spoil.” Whereas if our food takes a long time, the spices will seep in, “he said.

He added that his party also had to lower the level of spiciness, which originally required 15 chilies, to only two.

“The spiciness for Indonesians is not one of them flavours (taste) but sensation. So, the level of spiciness must be lowered,” he said.

Aziz admits that it was difficult to find candlenut in Tokyo as the basic ingredient for these menus, but cashews can be substituted.

The menus featured at the 2023 Indonesia Fair are fried rice, yellow sauce fish, chicken tongseng and tripe wingko.

He hopes that with this event, not only the menu but also the original Indonesian spices can be spread throughout the world.

“For example, andaliman is the same as sichuan pepper. It can reach all over the world, only Andaliman remains in Sumatra. Why is that? because it’s educational. With this event, we are educating more about Indonesian spices which can be used in local food and international food. Also, Indonesian cooking techniques are no less difficult than other techniques and that could be an advantage for Indonesia that must be known,” said Aziz.

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