ITB Expert Opens Voice about Big Earthquake Predictions in RI

ITB Expert Opens Voice about Big Earthquake Predictions in RI

Jakarta, Reportase – ITB seismic experts explained that experts are quite careful when discussing earthquake predictions. This remark is related to the prediction that there will be a big earthquake that will shake Indonesia.

This prediction was stated by seismologist Frank Hoogerbeets some time ago. He said a large earthquake would occur in a number of areas in Indonesia with a magnitude of 8.

According to him at that time, the earthquake would shake a number of areas such as Sulawesi, Halmahera, the Banda Sea. Hoogerbeets previously predicted a major earthquake in Turkey and Sharia.

The Dean of the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology ITB, Irwan Meilano, explained that experts are quite careful in making predictions. According to him, they will call it a potential earthquake, not a prediction.

“We earthquake experts are careful not to give predictions. We only talk about potential,” said Irwan, in the program Eureka detik.comquoted Friday (17/3/2023).

He did not rule out the possibility that an earthquake could occur. Moreover, Indonesia is indeed a region with a high potential for earthquakes.

“If an earthquake occurs, the prediction is correct. Yes, because Indonesia has a high potential,” he said.

Even so, Irwan said the earthquake prediction mentioned could have missed. He stated that his predictions were the same as throwing a net, so one of his predictions might actually come true in the future.

“It just throws nets, maybe one of them gets it,” said Irwan.

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