It was revealed that Teacher Sabil had been a Ridwan Kamil volunteer in the 2018 gubernatorial election

It was revealed that Teacher Sabil had been a Ridwan Kamil volunteer in the 2018 gubernatorial election – Muhammad Sabil Fadhillah (34) or better known as Guru Sabil was fired after writing the word maneh on Ridwan Kamil’s Instagram post. Actually Ridwan Kamil had forgotten about this problem and ordered the school not to fire him.

The issue of Guru Sabil being fired went viral to the extent that Dedi Mulyadi, a member of the DPR-RI who was Ridwan Kamil’s rival in the 2018 West Java Pilgub, intervened. Dedi wanted to take a moment in the viral Sabil case by offering him a job. But in fact, Sabil prefers selling and motorcycle taxis online.

What’s interesting is that Muhammad Sabil Fadhillah admitted that he was a Ridwan Kami volunteer during the 2018 West Java Governor Election and became a successful team for the Cirebon region.

This was stated by Sabil on Instagram @mrviky. Even though the RK team was successful, Guru Sabil admitted that he could not allow Ridwan Kamil to behave in a way that didn’t suit him.

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This means that if you feel it is odd for Sabil to want to criticize Ridwan Kamil, Sabil said that it was a form of concern and affection.

“Because for me criticizing is actually a sign of affection,” he was quoted as saying on his Instagram account @mrivky.

Thus the criticism he sent to Ridwan Kamil was a concern and affection as a volunteer.

“Because for me to criticize it is actually a sign of affection,” he explained.

It was reported that Governor Ridwan Kamil through his tweet on social media said that a leader must be open to criticism even though it is sometimes delivered harshly.

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Kang Emil said that thousands of criticisms had been received, and the response was always relaxed and normal. Sometimes it was responded by giving a scientific explanation, sometimes it was just a joke.

He said, maybe because it was a teacher who might be imitated by his students, the school needed to maintain the good name of the institution and take strict action in accordance with the relevant school regulations.

“After the news appeared, I have contacted the school/foundation, so that those concerned are sufficiently advised and reminded, there is no need to be dismissed,” concluded Ridwan Kamil.



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