IPW: The actions of the North Sumatran Police to examine AKBP AH are correct

IPW: The actions of the North Sumatran Police to examine AKBP AH are correct

Medan (Reportase One) – The Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) stated that the actions of the North Sumatra Regional Police to investigate AKBP Achirudin Hasibuan at Propam in the case of allowing his son to abuse a student named Ken Admiral were correct.

“This is an appropriate action, although it is a bit late because it has just gone viral. In fact, the National Police Chief has reminded the ranks not to get viral first and then take action, but even so it is appropriate,” said IPW chairman Sugeng Teguh Santoso when contacted from Medan, Wednesday.

He said AKBP AH must be processed by the Profession and Security Division (Propam) of the North Sumatra Police and given severe sanctions considering that the middle-ranking police officer had the impression of allowing his son to commit a crime.

“In the code of ethics hearing, the minimum is a demotion in a postponement of a promotion for several years or a transfer,” he said.

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However, said Sugeng, the sanctions imposed could also be more severe by applying Article 304 of the Criminal Code, namely threatening a crime against someone who deliberately places or allows someone to be in a state of misery, especially death or illness.

“Because at that time he saw and allowed the persecution, even though he was an officer,” said Sugeng.

He also highlighted the lifestyle of AKBP AH who reportedly owns a luxury Harley Davidson motorbike, even though President Jokowi has ordered officials not to display hedonistic living.

“The LHKPN (Wealth Report of State Administrators) concerned must be investigated,” he said.

Previously, the North Sumatran Police had conducted an examination of AKBP AH in Propam for allowing his son to commit acts of abuse against a student named Ken Admiral.

In addition to being investigated by Propam, AKBP AH has been removed from his position at the North Sumatra Police, while his son has been named a suspect in acts of abuse.

Reporter: M. Sahbainy Nasution
Editor: Didik Kusbiantoro


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